CRU student leader to plan for Christmas party

Lamenting the lack of activities the Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) club hosts in the fall semester, student leaders have begun to plan for a Christmas Party at the PLTW building. The date will be confirmed on Dec. 6. 

According to Rebecca Colucci, apprentice to senior director for CRU, when their student leaders came forward with the plan for the Christmas party, CRU allowed them to take the reins. 

“Cru is a student-led ministry, and (CRU) is all about imploring students to lead because (CRU) thinks that (students) are the best people to encourage their peers to come and learn about spiritual things.” she said.

This strategy has proven fruitful so far, as according to senior Savannah Pearson, many activities have already been prepared. 

“(CRU) is going to have someone dressed as Santa, a present wrapping competition, maybe a cookie competition and we’re going to be reenacting a Christmas Story and doing kind of a play… Everyone is invited, bring your friends, family, and we encourage everyone to be there.” By Garrison Davis