Humans of CHS: Winter Fashion Changes

Sophia Zhang and Kent Fujita

Senior Hamdaan Bhat (Kent Fujita)

Senior Hamdaan Bhat

Oh, definitely more layers. (I) started wearing this big puffy North Face I got. I love that but to be honest, it’s, I guess, less fall colors so less maroon and dark orange colors more, you know, earth tones, browns all live stuff like that. I guess for me, the main two things that are important are the silhouettes of my clothing and then the color palette of my clothing. So, the silhouettes I like are oversized and baggier fits. And then the color palette is mainly earth tones.


Freshman Isabella Colucci (Kent Fujita)

Freshman Isabella Colucci

In the fall, it was more like shorts, T-shirts or long sleeves. Now, it’s more crewnecks, jeans usually, hair down instead of hair up, and stuff like that. I would say that (style’s) not that great. But going out or just at home, it’s, more open. I like to dress in all the decades, but at school, it’s more just like a sweatshirt and leggings. I shop in online stores like YesStyle or Zara just because they have a lot. And sometimes they always have sales and it can be cheaper.


Junior Ryan Kono (Kent Fujita)

Junior Ryune Kono

In the fall, I wore a lot of flannels and graphic tees, but in the winter I became a lot more to minimalist fashion with a lot more blank T-shirts and crewnecks that tend to be brand less. I’d say I lean towards minimalism. I usually go to thrift stores or discount stores.




Sophomore Graham Rogers (Kent Fujita)


Sophomore Graham Rogers

(My fashion) doesn’t really change that much, sometimes I’ll add more layers in the winter. It doesn’t change too much. Probably darker colors, sometimes I’ll do lighter, more neutral, not too colorful, and mostly just blank colors. I don’t really go specific clothes shopping much, just kind of I see something I buy it.



Senior Michele Boston (Kent Fujita)

Senior Michele Boston

I usually wear a lot of tank tops with button ups and I feel it still progresses to the winter but I like to adapt. I like to change the colors based on the season. So, I wear a lot more brighter colors in the fall and like toned down colors in the winter. I’m the most creative in the winter because I like layers, and I think that if you layer right, it can make your outfit look really good. I just kind of wear whatever, I don’t really have anyone that I get inspiration from. I just shop at thrift stores. So I just do what looks good to me.


Q&A by Sophia Zhang