House of Representatives members to volunteer at annual Easter Egg Hunt

Riley Laferriere

According to Allie Wolf, Cabinet member and senior, the annual House of Representatives Easter Egg Hunt is occurring on March 25.

Wolf said House members can participate in this event by bringing in bags of candy and working at the event itself. The House members will also have the opportunity to brainstorm the themes for their House group and stations for the event. 

Sarah Wolff, House of Representatives sponsor, said the event is very popular in the community and among House members. “The House members that like to volunteer with kids in the community usually tend to show up for that (event) because that’s a little bit different than our other events.” 

Wolf said although members usually become less involved after they hit their House point goal, many people participate in the event. “House members like the egg hunt because it’s so hands on,” Wolf said. “They can actually be at the event, work the event, and experience it with the community and with the organization so I think it’s a lot more fun of an event for a lot of people.”

As the event occurs in late March with unpredictable weather, Wolff said there is a backup location inside. 

Wolff said the egg hunt is also unique in how it is set up. “The kids do a different activity to earn an egg, rather than throwing (the eggs) on a field, the kids run to get them and one kid gets 75 (eggs), 10 kids get none and it’s over in 30 seconds. It’s a little bit more interactive which I think the kids enjoy and the parents enjoy as well,” 

Allie Wolf, Cabinet Member and senior hands out t-shirts to members for Dance Marathon. Wolf said after Dance Marathon, the House events start to slow down.