CRU Director returns from maternity leave

While speaking to the club on stage, Sarah Poulson, a student leader at Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and senior, described how in November of 2022, Carolyn Thomas, CRU Director for Carmel, left on maternity leave. While on her leave, she left Rebecca Colucci as the acting Director at the school. Now, Poulson says, she’s returned to the club again.

After so much time away from the club, Thomas says that she’s looking forward to the club’s upcoming events.

 “I’m really looking forward to things like Vision Dessert,” she said. “Vision Dessert is an event amongst all of the schools that have CRU. We all come together and we hear what God’s doing for our schools.”

Additionally, Thomas said that she missed the club’s atmosphere and the people that come with it.

“I’m really glad to be back at school with all of the kids. I’ve been gone for far too long.” By Garrison Davis.