Clubs to recruit students on Aug. 29

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By Rebecca Xu
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The club fair at this school will take place on Aug. 29 in the Freshman Center cafeteria during SRT. Freshman SRTs will dismiss their students according to their house, or floor, with House 3 going first, House 2 going second and House 1 going last.

Each house will have about 20 minutes to peruse various booths set up by many of the groups here. According to assistant principal Amy Skeens-Benton, who oversees the Freshman Center, the purpose of the club fair is to provide freshmen with information on available clubs and activities to get involved in. She said that getting involved is essential for high school students.

Skeens-Benton said, “When you get involved in high school, we found that students involved in clubs, activities and sports typically have a higher GPA, higher self-esteem and in general enjoy their high school experience.”