Media Center to open Aug. 21 for SRT

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By Erin Lowe
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The Media Center will accept SRT passes starting Aug. 21. The process of getting an SRT pass to the library will continue the same way as last semester. The white passes are delivered to teacher’s mailboxes, and more can be acquired by letting a media center staff member know.

“Basically, we have specific SRT pass assignment sheets; these are different than regular SRT passes,” Media Specialist Bonnie Grimble said. “They are designed to direct student focus and to provide accountability for each student.”            

The passes have two sides, one containing instructions for the pass, and the other is the actual SRT pass where a teacher will sign. Students can obtain these from the teacher they wish to complete work for.

According to Grimble, “ The new process has helped tremendously. The students we’re seeing now really do have a purpose thanks to everyone’s help and commitment in completing the pass. We are able to be much more efficient in helping those that need it.”