CHTV changes to channel 99

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By Lauren Burdick

In a matter of weeks, the television channel for this school will change its place on the dial. CHTV will be switching from channel 21, where if has been for many years, to channel 99. This change comes as a result of Brighthouse Cable putting all its education-related programming on channel 99.

Fortunately for CHTV, the only tasks they will have to complete for this change is updating anything that lists them as channel 21.

However simple this change may seem for CHTV here, it is met with some opposition from staff members. Channel surfing has always brought a lot of viewers to CHTV, and having the channel at the far end of the dial is less than desirable than the current position. “We get a lot of viewers by happenstance; people may not have planned to watch it [CHTV] but ended up there through that method,” Hal Espey, CHTV supervisor, said.

Viewers who received channel 21 in the past should not worry; Brighthouse has assured that people with basic cable will still receive the channel, and if they do not, Brighthouse “will work” with the viewers.