New year, new coach

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By Matt Barnthouse

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Devin Brinson, starting running back and senior, sits in SRT, reminiscing about the recent resignation of varsity football Head Coach Mo Moriarity and offensive coordinator Jed Richman.

“After school a couple of months ago, (Moriarity) had a meeting in the cafeteria and he announced it to the team and including all of the coaches (of his resignation).” Brinson said.

CHS head football coach Mo Moriarity resigned March 1, 2010 to accept a coaching job as the offensive line coach at Indiana University. In five years at this school, Moriarity led the Greyhounds to 58 wins, four consecutive State championship appearances from 2006-2009, and a State championship victory in 2007 against Pike High School. He coached Morgan Newton, who is the current starting quarterback for University of Kentucky. In 2005, Moriarity left IU to become head football coach here, and returns to IU this fall. As the next football season looms near, the new coach has huge shoes to fill.

Brinson and the rest of the football team were all very surprised that Moriarity was leaving the school for another job elsewhere.

“I was surprised because it was right after our offensive coordinator (Richman) left. We didn’t know coach Mo (Moriarity) would leave.” Brinson said.

Scott Stilson, varsity quarterback and senior, shared Brinson’s surprised feeling. “I was really surprised; I thought we would have known sooner on whether he was leaving or not.” Stilson said. Despite the player’s surprise, Athletics

Director Jim Inskeep did not seem surprised at all. “I am not necessarily surprised when coaches leave this school.

Each coach has different ambitions or circumstances which could lead to turnover at any time. Sometimes it is a family situation and other times it could be the allure of another position either in education or another field,” Inskeep said via e-mail.

The coaching search rages here and Inskeep will not lower expectations for the next coach, as he expects to win championships.

Inskeep said via e-mail, “The candidates for the head football coach all have tremendous credentials. In speaking with each of these individuals, they have their own high expectations which I believe are attainable at Carmel High School.

We will strive to achieve the highest goals every year as that is what drives the students at CHS in all endeavors.”

When asked about the void Moriarity left Inskeep said via e-mail, “Coach Moriarity did an excellent job in five years as the head football coach. His strengths were organization and leadership with the students and coaching staff.”

Brinson believes that the whole football team must work harder and come together now more than ever.

“We will have to work harder to keep the team together and work to follow the directions of the new coach.” Brinson said.

The whole football team will have to work harder and come together in these tough times in order to reach their ulitimate goal of winning a State championship. With a new coach and a new offensive coordinator, little is certain about the upcoming football season. The only thing that is certain however is that this will be one crazy football season.