Underclassmen slow to adopt tailgating tradition

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By Steven Chen
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Junior Stuart Mossian stood in the west parking lot at the stadium while waiting for his friend to throw the beanbag into the tiny circle with an area of 9π inches squared. He and two other friends were playing the cornhole game before the football game versus Cathedral on Aug. 23. Tailgating is a tradition at CHS and many students like Mossian don’t hesitate to participate in it. This weekend’s Homecoming football game, therefore, will be no exception; rather, it’s one of the biggest tailgating opportunities of the year.

Senior Will Petrovic tailgated at every football game last year. “It was fun to hang out with friends, mess around and listen to music,” Petrovic said.

However, despite participation from students like Mossian and Petrovic, Petrovic said he observed something missing – underclassman participation. “Mostly juniors and seniors tailgate because they have cars,” Petrovic said. “I encourage freshmen and sophomores to make friends with juniors and seniors to tailgate.” He also said that freshmen usually hang out in the “pit,” a grassy knoll south of the stands.

House sponsor Katie Overbeck acknowledged Petrovic’s observation. “Yeah (being able to invite the underclassman to participate) would always be great,” Overbeck said. “People who dress up and participate always get more out of Homecoming than the people who watch them.”

According to Overbeck, Homecoming events during the week encompass a 5k walk, penny wars, playhouse building, dress-up spirit days and a convocation in the varsity gym.

“Students also go to the stadium for booths, live music from student bands and after about 45 minutes, they go to the stands to watch the parade,” Overbeck said. The parade starts from Carmel Middle School and ends inside the stadium. “Tailgating starts pretty early though; kids usually leave early and get back quickly after dressing up,” she said.

Senior Nislan “Nis” Jose tailgates. “You have to get there an hour and 30 minutes before the game to get a good parking spot,” Jose said. Some activities that Jose enjoys with his friends include throwing a football around, eating food, socializing and listening to music. According to Jose, one of his friends brought a

“Homecoming is the best week of the year, and it is the best game of the year,” Jose said. “Dressing up is fun

Mossian said he loves live music and hanging out with his friends. “It’s the only game I’ve ever played,” he said, jokingly referring to cornhole. Petrovic said, “It’s tradition to tailgate.”