Music Playlist: Spring Beginnings [MUSE]

Music Playlist: Spring Beginnings [MUSE]

Grace Xu March 26, 2021

MUSE is back with our original characteristic post—a music playlist for the season! Even though the spring months are often the busiest in school, I still love this time because it seems so full of possibilities....

Alexander “Alex” Ferrell (bottom), guitarist of band “Plastic Fruits’’ and senior, poses with senior Matthew Arnold and junior Townsend Wright. The band has music out on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Q&A with senior Alexander “Alex” Ferrell, guitarist of band “Plastic Fruits”

Riley Laferriere March 24, 2021

How did you decide on naming the band “Plastic Fruits”? We were trying to think of an indie band name, and we always had trouble finding a good name, and we were like, “Oh, Plastic Fruits, that...

Freshman Carolyn Jia plays her instrument in preparation for ISSMA. She practices independently, in private lessons and in Concert Orchestra so she can perform well in ISSMA, even though it is virtual this year.

Orchestra, band students prepare for ISSMA while following COVID-19 guidelines

Michelle Wan March 22, 2021

As ISSMA  (Indiana State School Musical Association) season begins,  the CHS orchestras and bands at this school have been practicing and preparing for their competitions while taking precautions for...

Yumi Colombo, president of Accents and senior, rehearses after school for the upcoming community shows. The shows’ set will be 1940s-themed, and Colombo said she cannot wait to perform again.

CHS show choirs modify spring competition season

Emily Carlisle March 18, 2021

This year, most groups and teams that compete or perform in any aspect have had to drastically change their plans of attack; the show choirs at this school are no exception. Last year’s show choir competition...

Netflix Party rebrands as Teleparty [Of Stage and Screen]

Emily Carlisle February 28, 2021

Hi guys, welcome back to Of Stage and Screen. So a few months ago, the popular group streaming site Netflix Party expanded its reach and now allows people to watch not only Netflix, but also Hulu, HBO,...

Using an assortment of
wires, string and beads, sophomore Izzy Monger creates products
for her store. She learned how to work with the materials last year
and her business took off a couple of months later.

Entertainment Spotlight: Sophomore Izzy Monger on her homemade jewelry business

Pallevi Pillai February 20, 2021

What sparked your interest in jewelry making? When did it start? Once quarantine started, I had an abundance of free time and I had recently found a box of beads in my basement, so I ordered some supplies...

Jillian Moore

Students should remember romantic comedies are meant to be enjoyable, not realistic

Jillian Moore February 14, 2021

With Valentine's Day upon us, we find ourselves bombarded with hearts, roses and countless romantic comedies. Romantic comedies, or rom-coms, are meant to seem lighthearted, charming and funny, but criticism...

Disney’s “Soul” not for young children [Of Stage and Screen]

Emily Carlisle January 31, 2021

Hey everyone, welcome back to Of Stage and Screen. Over break I have consumed a lot of media, lots of binge watching TV shows and enjoying movies with my family. One of the most interesting movies I watched...

Q&As with students on playing music through their church and impact on spirituality, themselves

Jillian Moore January 29, 2021

Sophomore Oliva Caves, Music Production When did you start to get involved with music production? I got involved with (music production) about a year ago, almost exactly. Religion was a factor because...

Musician and sophomore Celia Watson performs her own songs in Downtown Indianapolis in front of dining crowds. Watson recorded her first album, consisting of three songs, in 2020.

Entertainment Spotlight: Musician and sophomore Celia Watson on passions for singing and guitar

Michelle Wan January 19, 2021

When did you begin to have an interest in playing guitar and singing? I’ve been making music since I was a little kid; my dad bought me my first guitar (it was a butterfly one) at age 8. However,...

Senior Aidan Hurley smiles and poses outside. Hurley created the WHJE fashion podcast, Fashion Philosophy, as a way to interview and learn from various guests.

Engaging with feminine fashion provides creative outlet, enjoyment for male students

Emily Carlisle January 15, 2021

Recently, celebrities such as Harry Styles have come into the spotlight for wearing traditionally feminine clothing. Although entertainers have been breaking gender norms with their clothing for years,...

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