After Colts’ Super Bowl win, opposing fans face blue nation

Author Archives October 31, 2007

By: Stephanie Hodgin <[email protected]> She was frustrated. Frustrated at the fact that her favorite NFL team lost the Super Bowl game to one of its biggest rivals. Frustrated in knowing...

15 Minutes Photos: Harry Murzyn

Author Archives October 11, 2007

Armed with a standard deck of cards, senior Harry Murzyn shows off some of the tricks he has learned over the years. Murzyn said he has adapted this “magic” from a variety of books and made them...

Harry Murzyn in sleight of hand

Author Archives October 10, 2007

By: Lily Zhao <[email protected]> How long have you been doing magic? I picked it up around seventh grade. I don’t know why, it’s just something to do. How did you get started? Who/what...

CHTV to report all weekend

Author Archives September 26, 2007

By: Tommy Sneider <[email protected]> With Homecoming just two days away, CHTV and its crew prepare to cover all the events for the day. “It should be a really great time,” junior Kyle Borcherding...

Tuning In

Author Archives September 26, 2007

By: Tommy Sneider <[email protected]> As stars on CHTV, senior Andrew Chernoff and junior Kyle Borcherding get ready to announce at Homecoming. How did you earn this gig? KB: Basically...

Raising the Barre

Author Archives September 7, 2007

By: Lily Zhao <[email protected]> Describe how you got the scholarship to Joffrey Ballet. “My dance company, Central Indiana Dance Ensemble, is part of a Regional Dance America company, which...

It’s a boys’ world now

Author Archives August 13, 2007

By: Tommy Sneider <[email protected]> How good of friends are you two? Dan Frascella: We’re pretty good friends. Really good friends actually. We met freshman year, and we share a lot of...

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