Sophomore Elijah Lane finishes signing sentence in his language. He said he drew inspiration from a simple constructed language called Toki Pona.

Talk to the Hand: Q&A with sophomore and conlanger Elijah Lane

Emily Sandy November 15, 2019

What got you into this hobby? I’m not exactly sure. At some point, I just began learning about languages and that sort of thing and I discovered constructed languages or “conlangs." People like...

Senior Ellie Dyas rides her bike—cycling can be a team or individual sport. Dyas said she will often cycle in the front during team events so that her teammates behind her conserve energy to win at the end, since aerodynamics play a large factor in fast-paced road cycling.

Biking to Victory: Q&A with Ellie Dyas, award-winning cyclist and senior

Raphael Li October 24, 2019

When did you start cycling? I got into it about seven years ago. My dad had been doing it for a little bit, and then I went to a race and it looked really fun, so I started pretty soon after that. When...

Beekeeper and sophomore Allison Pasheilich looks at a bee on her hand while wearing her favorite shirt, one that features a bee pattern. She said she likes beekeeping as a side hobby but wouldnt want to pursue it as an occupation.

Queen Bee: Sophomore Allison Pasheilich owns about 60,000 bees

Angela Qian September 20, 2019

How did you get into beekeeping? My grandpa found out that he could have bees, and he lives up in South Bend (Indiana). He basically found out that he wasn’t not allowed to have bees. That’s kind...

Student body president Maddie Heath and speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo sit back-to-back. Heath said Senate will take over Culture of Care this year. (I want to make sure Culture of Care) is something that everyone has access to because I feel like in a school of this size, its really hard to communicate something across the board, Heath said.

Q&A with student body president (SBP) Maddie Heath, speaker of the House (SOH) Deion Ziwawo

Victoria Nopporn August 13, 2019

Speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo What are your responsibilities? One of the main things that I will be doing is running the House of Representatives, so the 700 member student government group. I will...

Liz Butz, figure skater and freshman, works on her program. She said she does on and off-ice training, as well as cardio workouts and strength training during practice.

Spin it to Win it: Q&A with Elisabeth Butz, figure skater and freshman

Angela Qian May 23, 2019

What level are you in? I’m a novice figure skater. They have it split into qualifying and non-qualifying and senior ladies are like the top level that you see at the olympics, and i’m like two down...

Eshan Selvan, veterinary assistant and junior, comforts a dog that went through a procedure. While Selvan assists in procedures like surgeries and examinations, he also works with animals before and after their procedures.

Q&A with junior Eshan Selvan, veterinary assistant

Natalie Khamis April 19, 2019

When did you first know you wanted to work with animals? Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to work with animals. I grew up watching “Animal Planet” and those types of shows, so I had the idea...

Katerina Folkin creates a pattern with her ribbon at practice.

Q&A with Katerina Folkin, rhythmic gymnast and freshman

March 22, 2019

What's your favorite part about rhythmic gymnastics? My favorite part is probably the beauty of the sport because it’s something you don’t see everyday, especially here in Indiana. We’re the only...

Junior Lisa Warren prepares to sew the fabric for the scrunchie.

Q&A with junior Lisa Warren who uses personal business to fundraise for Dance Marathon

Alina Yu February 22, 2019

When did you join student government? I was never in student government in middle school, but freshman year, I joined House of Representatives, and then last year, I was also in House. I thought Senate...

Q&A with 2019 Miss Indiana Teen USA, sophomore Catelyn “Catie” Combellick

Q&A with 2019 Miss Indiana Teen USA, sophomore Catelyn “Catie” Combellick

Angela Qian January 24, 2019

What got you started on pageants? One day I was sitting at the kitchen table, and my mom showed me newspaper clippings of her when she was my age. She did Miss Missouri, and so she was showing me pictures...

Sculptor and senior Julia Emerson smiles down at her piece, titled “Marital Law.” Emerson created the piece to comment on the roles of housewives in the 1950s and how many resented the role they were put into.

Q&A with sculptor and senior Julia Emerson, who uses recycled materials for pieces

Selena Liu December 13, 2018

Why do you think people should explore art? I think it’d be good for people to take the Intro to 3D arts or some of the more three-dimensional arts to get some more exposure, because I wouldn’t...

Jeopardy competitor and senior Audrey Satchivi poses with the show’s host, Alex Trebek. He has been a host for over 25 years.

Q&A with senior Audrey Satchivi, who competed in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament

Richa Louis November 16, 2018

How did you get onto Jeopardy? I took a teen test in April; they were advertising it on Jeopardy the night before, so I signed up and took the test. (They said), “We’ll tell (you) within 18 months...

METAL MAYHEM: DJ and sophomore Ethan Meneghini plays his set. Meneghini opened the show for the metal band Blizzard Time.

Q&A with DJ, music producer Ethan Meneghini

Josie Cruzan October 25, 2018

How did you start DJing? When I was eight- it was near my birthday that year and I was about to turn nine- my step dad introduced me to Skrillex’s music, and that was the first introduction to electronic...

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