• Carmel High School dismissed on May 26. We will continue to periodically release information throughout the summer.


The marching band practices in the parking lot outside of the stadium on July 30. The members will rehearse show music and work on fundamentals of visual and marching techniques in a typical practice, according to George Huang, marching band member and junior.

Marching band working to get less experienced members ready for in-person competitions, halftime performances

Jillian Moore, Entertainment Editor August 1, 2021

Due to last year's COVID-19 cancellations and the hybrid schedule, freshman and sophomore marching band members have had little to no experience performing at in-person competitions. But the marching...

Q&A with Hollis Glover a Car Hobbyist

Riley Laferriere July 15, 2021

As Collector Car Appreciation day approaches on July 11, rising Junior, Hollis Glover, dives into his own relationship with car shows and his car. What is your experience with cars? So, I like...

Q&A with CarmelFest Organizers Jeff Worrell and Steve Krusie

Ally Horwitz June 27, 2021

How was the decision made to have a CarmelFest this summer? We based it on a lot of things. Number one, the fact that it's in July. The fact that our numbers in Hamilton County are falling. The...

Misinformation: the Deadliest Virus

Archit Kalra June 20, 2021

Regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, it’s universally agreed that one of the hallmarks of the past few years has been rampant discord and disunity. The cause? Misinformation. Misinformation...

Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz talks to the senators during SSRT. Foutz said Senate is currently working on graduation.

Senate wraps up year, prepares for graduation

Lillian He May 26, 2021

Now that student body president, speaker of the house, senate, and class officer elections are complete, the only event remaining for Senate is graduation. According to student body president Julia Heath,...

As American Sign Language is seen in more forms of media, we should reflect on how the deaf community is represented through entertainment

Riley Laferriere May 23, 2021

Before my eighth grade year, I knew almost nothing about deaf culture, American Sign Language (ASL) or the deaf community in general; but, after watching the Freeform series “Switched at Birth,” my...

Accents members perform live for the first time this year at the Palladium on April 25. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on auditorium capacity, the Accents held this event outdoors.

Accents members perform at Palladium, reflect on importance of live performances

Pallevi Pillai May 20, 2021

On April 25, the Accents choir group performed at the Palladium, the group’s first live performance this school year. Accents, along with the rest of Carmel Choirs, has been recording their concert pieces...

Students in Wellness classes learn about taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian May 20, 2021

Students enrolled in Wellness classes continue their respective units. As we approach the end of the school year, students move to their last unit of the year. Kim TenBrink, physical education department...

Senior Superlatives Winners

Josie Cruzan May 19, 2021

Cutest Couple - Ellie Backer and Spencer Hanna Most Athletic Guy - J.D. Rogers Most Athletic Girl - Hannah Kim Smartest Guy - Bradley Snyder Smartest Girl - Rhea Acharya Most Likely to Come...

Short Story Playlist: Long Story Short [MUSE]

Short Story Playlist: Long Story Short [MUSE]

Grace Xu May 18, 2021

Someone, somewhere, has designated May as "Get Caught Reading Month." This fact is mostly an excuse for me to once again indulge in my not-so-secret plan to turn MUSE into a reading blog, but since it's...

Q&A with E-Sports Club Members Spencer Daymunde, Dylan Boyer, and Kate Reister

Q&A with E-Sports Club Members Spencer Daymunde, Dylan Boyer, and Kate Reister

Riley Laferriere May 17, 2021

Dylan Boyer Why are more people being drawn to esports, if for other reasons than your own? A lot of it is just growth. Being able to get better at a game you’re already good at, being able...

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