Retail workers share their opinions, experiences on Black Friday

Thea Bertolini | November 15, 2019

Many students at CHS participate in Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when stores have hefty sales on many of their products. Although it can be stressful to try and find the best sale, it’s often more stressful for the employees. Senior Natalie Crispin said she knows how it feels to be working retail on Black Friday as she has worked at Francesca’s for almost a year and a half. Crispin...

Humans of CHS

Anna Klauz | November 15, 2019

Senior Dryden Shroeder “I think one of the best things I have ever done was going to my first baseball game to watch the Cubs play on Wrigley Field. My dad took me while we were on a trip to Chicago to visit my family. I remember sitting in the stands and imagined myself on that field as a little kid. I think that’s when my love for baseball kind of started and I kept going and (I) now play...

November 12, 2019

DIY Place Setting

Hannah Gretz | November 1, 2019

Materials: Cloth napkin that measures 16 ¾ inches by 16 ¾ inches 18 inches of twine or rope  Decorative corn cobs Steps: Lay the napkin out on a table. Grab the center of the napkin and pull upward, sliding your hand down the napkin to create a long, ovular shape. Using the 18 inches of twine or rope, wrap around the center of the napkin. Before typing the twine...

Humans of CHS: CHS students share stories of their identities, spontaneous moments

Thea Bertolini, Emily Sandy | October 24, 2019

“I’ve been playing football for over four years. It’s a grind for sure, but keeping yourself humble and working every day with the rest of your teammates is really something that I am proud of and the rest of the team is proud of. It’s built me up as a person, and I use it to humble myself and look at situations in a different light. I think I’ve looked at situations more maturely (because...

Hannah Gretz | October 24, 2019