Business Teacher Richard Reid

Victoria Nopporn | September 21, 2018

“I’ve had plenty of mistakes and plenty of successes. I think the most important thing is that I’ve been the kind of person that doesn’t get discouraged by failure or setbacks. I’m rather someone who learns from those things, and I try to figure out what I can do today that is better than the day before.”

Sophomore Jiwon Yu

May 18, 2018

Artist and sophomore Jiwon Yu uses colored pencils to work on her Frida Kahlo portrait. Yu said she added her own twist to the portrait in order to personalize it.

Junior Katie Phan

May 18, 2018

Artist and junior Katie Phan displays her art show piece. Phan said she wanted to use vibrant colors in her piece to convey an idea of boldness.

Sophomore Natalie Wells

May 18, 2018

Artist and sophomore Natalie Wells colors in final touches with white chalk on one of her pieces. Wells said she tries to redraw pictures and express what she’s feeling at the moment.

Junior Jacob Freedman

May 18, 2018

Artist and junior Jacob Freedman displays his semi-realistic piece that he said depicts a monster and a human. Freedman said he was trying to demonstrate different emotions through the facial expressions of each figure in the painting.

Senior Alex Waples

Livvie Hurley | May 18, 2018

Alex Waples, track team member and senior, eats an apple before practice on April 25 at the CHS stadium. Waples likes to keep a balance of eating healthy and exercise in her daily life.