From the Dust: Why is Ash Wednesday important to you?

Emily Sandy | February 21, 2020

“When I was little, Ash Wednesday was really confusing (to me). But now I understand that we are dust and to dust we shall return. That’s what they say when ash is put on our foreheads. Having that explained to me was really impactful because we have a soul on this earth, and our soul is really what is going to last­—not our body.”   “It’s become one of my favorite times of...

A Leap of Time: Sophomore Audrey Schuster celebrates “turning four” with a Leap Year birthday

Hannah Gretz | February 21, 2020

How does having a leap year birthday affect you? I don’t really notice anything. When I was a little kid, I was embarrassed by it. Now, I think it’s kinda cool. When I am 80 (years old) I get to say I am 20, which is cool. Have you ever felt different because your birthday is not every year? Not really. I remember when I was little, I was first starting to understand what a leap year birthday...

As January is National Mentoring Month, K-8  mentoring presents benefits for both mentees, mentors

Hannah Gretz | January 23, 2020

Each year in January since 2002, the Harvard School of Public Health has led a National Mentoring Month. Over the past 18 years, this campaign has developed to promote mentoring, specifically in youth, in the United States. Officially defined as the act of advising or training, the role of the mentor is extremely prevalent at CHS, specifically seen in the K-8 Mentor program. “The goal is to provide...

Humans of CHS

Marissa Ryan and Thea Bertolini | January 23, 2020

One time on News Year’s Eve when I was eight, we went to our friends’ house. The kids were just messing around with glow sticks and I wondered what would happen if I poured it on my dress. So I broke it open with my mouth and poured it on my dress. It didn’t work at first, but then when all the lights were off, it kinda worked and I freaked out because part of my mouth was glowing. I went upstairs...

With growing trend of covering laptops, water bottles with stickers, take a look at students’ decorations

Anna Klauz | January 23, 2020

Freshman Campbell Kirsh "I first saw this trend of putting stickers all over your computer a long time ago so I decided to also do it. I first put on only a couple of stickers, and as the years went on, my collection just kept growing. My two favorite ones would probably have to be my “Stranger Things” sticker because that’s my favorite TV show and my “good vibes” stickers because it reminds...