DIY Place Setting

Hannah Gretz | November 1, 2019

Materials: Cloth napkin that measures 16 ¾ inches by 16 ¾ inches 18 inches of twine or rope  Decorative corn cobs Steps: Lay the napkin out on a table. Grab the center of the napkin and pull upward, sliding your hand down the napkin to create a long, ovular shape. Using the 18 inches of twine or rope, wrap around the center of the napkin. Before typing the twine...

Humans of CHS: CHS students share stories of their identities, spontaneous moments

Thea Bertolini, Emily Sandy | October 24, 2019

“I’ve been playing football for over four years. It’s a grind for sure, but keeping yourself humble and working every day with the rest of your teammates is really something that I am proud of and the rest of the team is proud of. It’s built me up as a person, and I use it to humble myself and look at situations in a different light. I think I’ve looked at situations more maturely (because...

Hannah Gretz | October 24, 2019

Silly or Scary?: CHS students recount their experiences at different haunted houses

Marissa Ryan | October 24, 2019

Indy Scream Park “When I went to Indy Scream Park, they had this clown event where I wore 3D glasses that made everything tilt and spin; it was really disorienting, which was really awesome because it felt super realistic. Overall, it’s a great experience and it’s definitely different than most events because it’s Halloween-themed, so it’s only around once a year. It really puts me and my...

Creative Carvings: Take a look at winners, runner-ups  of HiLite’s pumpkin carving contest

Anna Klauz | October 24, 2019

First Place Scary Pumpkin Winner What inspired you to create this design? My dad recently bought a book with a ton of different pumpkin designs, and I chose this one. How do you use the pumpkin leftovers? This year I made pumpkin bread with the inside leftovers. What is your favorite part of the carving process? My favorite part is probably carving out the design.   First Place Cute...

Hannah Gretz | September 20, 2019