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Caden Sunsdahl, sophomore

Elise Varhan, Student Section Reporter | May 19, 2021

Over this past year, I’m really proud of passing my classes. COVID kind of made everything more independent and harder, so I’m proud that I didn’t totally fail because of the pandemic. I’m kinda scared for how next year is going to go, as it will definitely involve lots of readjusting to everyday school life, but I’m ready to go back to normal in all other aspects of life.

Jordan Mintz, freshman

Elise Varhan, Student Section Reporter | May 19, 2021

I’m really proud of my grades this year, because I’ve been able to keep them up through the pandemic, which obviously caused everyone to struggle a little bit, so I’m happy that I was able to not let that stop me from succeeding. Something that might not be so obvious to people that have just met me is that I’m a soccer player. Soccer is something I care about and focus on a lot, and that might...

Students, teachers discuss benefits, experiences with speech classes

Saumya Somasi, Student Section Reporter | May 18, 2021

Junior Jenna Lindeman said speech has always seemed like a good career option for her to learn and grow. She said she recently decided to pursue speech pathology as a major when she realized how it can be used to help people. “I’ve always known I wanted to help people in some way so I looked at occupational therapy programs at first, but I realized I wanted to go into speech pathology.” In...

Theater students, faculty discover sense of community, excitement for remainder of year

Jasmine Zhang, Student Section Reporter | April 23, 2021

As spring performances such as Stand Up Comedy Night (April 13 in the Studio Theater) and Verbatim Theatre (April 23 in the Studio Theater) approach, theater students said they are excited to bring forth their best effort and show off all of their hard work. For Theodore Curtis, theater student and sophomore, restrictions put into this place this year made it difficult. “Honestly, I'm pretty impressed...

Owen Woodward, sophomore

Emily Sandy, Student Section Editor | April 14, 2021

"(On April Fools’ Day), when I was younger, I used to go to my parents bathroom and do whatever I could, (such as) throw toothpaste on the walls and just make a mess. It was funny until my parents were mad at me. And last year, well, I think I got pranked the most because last year my mom woke me up really early and told me that we wouldn’t be going back to school that year in person— that one...

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