Gay-Straight Alliance Sponsor Jeremy Horner

Tessa Collinson | March 22, 2019

“(Gender nonconformity) is a topic that frequently comes up during discussion. I think a lot of that is just teenagers who are generally trying to figure out their place, and that can be even more challenging for someone who doesn’t fit the ‘norm.’ I think it’s natural for everyone to be unsure. We talk about things like that as they come up.”

Junior Yasmine Pehlivan

Tessa Collinson | March 22, 2019

“(I have certain pins on my backpack showing LGBTQ+ support because) I am president of the GSA, and also because I use (these pins) as a way for people to know who I am. It’s a way to express myself, and so people know that this is me. I want to be a safe person, I’m pretty open-minded. (These pins) help people notice me more, and people compliment me on my pins. I don’t know what the people...

Freshman Daniel Tanner transcends  typical gender stereotypes with fashion

Tessa Collinson | March 22, 2019

All heads turn to him as he walks down the hall. It could be how he holds himself with confidence. Then again, it could be because of the way he dresses. One day, he’s dressed in a turtleneck with heels and statement jewelry, and on the next, it’s a women’s T-shirt with a headband and leggings. Freshman Daniel Tanner said he feels comfortable in both men’s and women’s clothing, and he doesn’t...

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