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In honor of National Scrabble Day, students answer to importance of mind games, Scrabble

Daniel Tian, Student Section Reporter April 13, 2021

President of Chess Club and junior Akash Bhowmik How and when were you introduced to chess? What about Scrabble? My first experience with chess was in 1st grade, when my dad taught me the...

Tungfen Lee’s Chinese 2 class celebrates Chinese New Year in 2020. Lee's class made

Due to COVID-19, students, staff adapt to their change in Chinese New Year celebrations, traditions

Karolena Zhou, Reporter February 12, 2021

Today, Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families have to change the way they celebrate the holiday. For example, while junior Aleen Zhao said...

Students, teachers recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day, how Black Lives Matter movements have affected its importance

Jasmine Zhang, Student Section Reporter January 19, 2021

On the third Monday of January each year, people all over the country honor and remember the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK). As a civil rights activist, MLK led the American civil...

Junior Richard Reisch picks out an outfit from his closet. Reisch said he found most of his clothes thrifting or buying second hand.

Many teenagers develop sense of individuality, confidence by dressing differently than popular fashion due to personal styles, experiences

Maddie Misterka, Student Section Reporter December 12, 2020

Junior Victoria Simich has been sewing since she was in fourth grade, and since then has made many of her own clothes and accessories. “(My style) is like I live in a van, but I don’t actually live...

In celebration of National Cappuccino Day, staff of Carmel Cafe share the impact of coffee

In celebration of National Cappuccino Day, staff of Carmel Cafe share the impact of coffee

Saumya Somasi, Student Section Reporter November 8, 2020

Coffee affects students and teachers’ lives all over the world. To celebrate its importance, Cappuccino Day is celebrated on November 8. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 14.8% of all...

Juniors Lisa Venckus (left) and Erin Gordon (right) pose for photo while holding 'Fady for Indiana' brochures. Venckus said that

Q&A with students working the polls in honor of Election Day

Wendy Zhu, HiLite Print Management November 3, 2020

Erin Gordon, junior How did you first get involved with the election and working the polls? I’m in CHS Young Democrats, so I’ve been really active, especially with this election since it’s so monumental....

Students discover STEM niches they are passionate in, consider pursuing as career

Daniel Tian, Student Section Reporter October 27, 2020

With Nuclear Science Week being last week, a great opportunity to introduce people to STEM presented itself. STEM—an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics—encompasses these four...

Jayden Chui, freshman

Jayden Chui, freshman

Wendy Zhu October 23, 2020

"I am working to improve my study habits, and I’m setting a schedule that I can follow to help me. When I get home, I’ll be studying instead of playing and being entertained by things, and I will also...

Sophomore Brandon Anderson talks to students at a Black Student Alliance club meeting. Anderson said the concept of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is good but not ideal in practice.

Debate between Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day leads to varying opinions among students, staff

Saumya Somasi October 21, 2020

Every year since Columbus Day was officially recognized as a federal holiday in October 1937, Columbus Day has been celebrated by a number of states. However, in more recent years, opinions about the day...

2020-21 Humans of CHS

September 18, 2020

Humans of CHS: Celebrating self improvement month, students, staff answer questions about self improvement

September 18, 2020

Junior Grace Sullivan This year, I’m really just trying to stay on top of my academics, especially for applying to future colleges that I’m looking at. I’m going in to see my teachers more...

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