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Students craft clothes for sustainability, against fast fashion

Christian Ledbetter and Grace Guo | May 19, 2022

Senior Victoria Simich has always been in the hobby of homemade goods, be it making books with their grandma or sewing as a means of expression, however, their relationship with handmade goods changed when they entered eighth grade. Then, Simich said, they started thinking more about sustainability, environmentalism and other aspects associated with handmade goods.  “I think part of it is a way...

Seniors describe bittersweet feeling, self-expression at prom

Cady Armstrong, Jillian Moore, and Hibba Mahmood | May 3, 2022

According to senior Jenna Oustoiny, she has looked forward to prom for many years. “Ever since I was little I always looked at all the dresses and couldn’t wait to go to prom. It is surreal that it is already here and a little bit bittersweet but I think we’re definitely ready for it,” Oustoiny said. “These four years have gone by so quickly and slowly at the same time, and I think we...

Students reflect on importance of technical theatre

Pallevi Pillai | April 21, 2022

Junior Olivia Sumner, along with the rest of the technical theater (tech crew) members, spend hours meticulously crafting sets, adjusting the pitches of sounds and lighting in order to create the best ambience for performers to take the stage. These are just some of the many responsibilities of a member of tech theater.  According to Sumner, third-year tech crew member and stage manager, tech crew...

With threequel of “Legally Blonde” being released in May, female students discuss female stereotyping

Alivia Romaniuk | April 21, 2022

Often Junior Amna Mallick, like other teenagers, likes to sit down and watch movies in her free time, including the hit movie “Legally Blonde,” which came out in 2001. Though Mallick was not yet alive at the release of the movie, she said she has grown to enjoy both the messages and the comedy displayed through the film.  In June 2018, Reese Witherspoon, who starred as Elle Woods in “Legally...

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