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Carmel Orchestra to perform in Holiday Spectacular

Jasmine Zhang | November 21, 2022

Carmel Orchestras are currently rehearsing for the upcoming Holiday Spectacular. Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, is looking forward to this performance. “I get to play the piano, which is pretty unique because everyone else is part of the orchestra,” Wu said. “I get to see them play while sitting at the piano and it’s really nice to see it all come together.” “I’m...

Superhero movies need more female roles, directors for representation

Nora Mariano | November 17, 2022

Marvel has released a steady slew of new superhero movies and TV shows over the past few years. But unlike some other titles, the newly released “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever '' features a cast of prominent female heroes.     In the past, many of these movies solely cast actresses as a superhero’s love interest. When they did include female superheroes, these characters...

Producers should get consent before making biopics, avoid misrepresenting subjects

Nora Mariano | November 2, 2022

Biopics created without the subject’s consent can damage their well-being and public image. Everywhere you look it seems new biopics–biographical movies about celebrities’ lives– are being created and streamed. Popular biopics like “The Crown,” “Blonde,” and “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” (all released in the past year, with The Crown's fifth season releasing next month)...

As the fall season arrives, students and teachers “fall” into trends

Isaac Hsu | October 19, 2022

As fall arrives, freshman Kaia Starnino said the season changing has affected her day-to-day choices. “Now that it’s getting colder, I’m beginning to start wearing sweaters, especially sweater vests and long sleeves, and with skirts I have to wear tights,” Starnino said. “The cooler weather is nice, too, but the food choices that come along with fall are great, too, like pumpkin spice...

October 16, 2022

The Rising Stars’ annual fall hayride will take place on Oct. 20. However, the location at which the hayride will take place this year has changed. The Rising Stars have found a new venue at Piney Acres Farm. According to Grant Steckbeck, co-sponsor of Rising Stars, finding an area for around 50 theater kids to participate in a hayride and spend time was not an easy task. Steckbeck said, “The...

Students address how personal connections to celebrities have affected them

Arya Pinnamaneni | September 27, 2022

Junior Eva Nist has always loved Taylor Swift. She said that this connection comes through growing up with her and her music. “Over the years I think I’ve fallen into that rabbit hole of watching interviews and finding you really relate to that person, so you start to feel this connection even though you don't personally know a celebrity,” Nist said.  With Swift’s 10th album “Midnights''...

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