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Kate Loper | February 28, 2023

AP Literature and Composition (AP Lit) is one of the many English courses offered at CHS. This class is open to grades 10-12 and focuses on analyzing different literary works, as well as completing two different multiple choice exams and six free response questions throughout the year. Students also learn how to effectively write about the texts they analyze by developing specific elements of essays,...

Kate Foster | February 28, 2023

Following their successful overnight conference at Indiana University, Model U.N. is preparing to choose its officers for the 2023-2024 school year. Anyone can apply by filling out a Google Form detailing why they want to be an officer, regardless of grade level. Model U.N. sponsor Sandy Gardner said she and the current club officers were responsible for the officer selection process. “We usually...

Evelyn Foster | January 24, 2023

Approximately 30 Model U.N. students will be attending the upcoming conference. Historically, Carmel has done well at this conference, and Model U.N. sponsor Sandy Gardener said she hopes for the same outcome this year. “(The students) are doing really well. We have a lot of new students, and we have a few old students that are helping to guide them, but we have a lot of new students, and they’re...

Huron Yu | January 24, 2023

Greyhound Connections is receiving an influx of members this year, said Lily Sullivan, president of Greyhound Connections and senior. “We are getting new students joining us this year,” Sullivan said. Sponsor Joe Stuelpe said, via email, there are many resources Greyhound Connections uses to help students. Members of Greyhound Connections should expect another visit this upcoming month. Sullivan...

Counseling Center to start scheduling and college preparation for juniors on Jan. 17

Helena Wang | January 24, 2023

Starting on Jan. 17, the counseling center will start scheduling juniors for the 2023-2024 school year. Counselor Casey Danubio said counselors will meet with their students one-on-one to talk about their course requests. Danubio said, “We sent out a scheduling link and students sign up for fifteen to twenty-minute individual meetings…We sit with each student individually and go over their game...

Pallevi Pillai | January 17, 2023

GKOMs will have their first connection session of second semester during SSRT on Jan. 27, said sponsor Ryan Ringenberg. Ringenberg said that Council is preparing for upcoming GKOM sessions. “This semester Council is planning to increase our social media presence to promote dress-up themes for our GKOMs, post pictures, and create more of a sense of community,” Ringenberg said. Senior Brooke Ye,...

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