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Performative activism unconstructive, prevents progress in climate movement

Siri Surapaneni | May 18, 2022

Uniqlo, H&M, and Lululemon are just a few names of brands who are taking part in sustainability initiatives, but the sustainability initiatives are just for show. This is to align with the ongoing movement to reverse the effects of climate change and tackle the depletion of natural resources. As more and more people have been engaging in activism there has been an increase in companies to follow....

Hunting should be recognized as human right for indigenous, tribal people

Chenyao Liu | May 17, 2022

In the environmental movement hunting is a controversial topic. One of the strongest anti-hunting arguments revolves around trophy hunting. Trophy hunting is the hunting of animals solely for their head or pelt, contributing to poaching. In response to this, the massive conservation lobby has passed legislation that members claim protects parks and reserves, typically by implementing long prison sentences...

May 16, 2022

Hunting has become a hot topic recently on social media and the news. Some believe it is the largest issue within environmental discussions, while others see hunting as a harmless hobby. However, this subject is incredibly complex and can’t be reduced down to a scary headline you may have encountered in recent weeks. It is important to define different aspects of hunting, especially when discussing...

Chenyao Liu | April 27, 2022

Right before the 2020 election, my parents received a flyer informing them they had a poor voting record, having only voted once out of the past three elections. While this poor voting record was due to the fact that my parents had only recently become American citizens, voting for the first time in the 2018 midterms, the flyer served as an important reminder. Voting is a privilege as much as it...

Students should always consider every perspective, be more understanding of fear

Daniel Tian | April 25, 2022

I am afraid of the dark. Firmly clutching my flashlight, my 1 a.m. excursions to the pantry downstairs were always filled with tension. I would imagine the horrors that awaited me in the shadows: monsters, murderers, my mom. Since prehistoric times, we’ve been programmed to fill in blanks. From an evolutionary standpoint, inference can mean the difference between finding clean and contaminated...

Raghav Sriram | April 22, 2022

I remember the first time that I was told that I wasn’t smart enough, the first time I was told that I wasn’t naturally talented at academics. It wasn’t by my parents, it wasn’t by my brother, and it was by a teacher or my peers but rather it was the very educational institution that I was attending at that time. It was first grade and I had taken a rudimentary aptitude test that supposedly...

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