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Students should make achievable new years resolutions

December 20, 2022

Every new year, social media fills with people showing their new year resolutions and how they are going to better themselves in the incoming year. All these resolutions have the same general theme: get in shape, eat better, read more, etc. But it seems people usually give up on these goals to better themselves about two months into the year, saying it was too difficult to make a change. To avoid this...

As winter holidays approach, people should engage more in holiday cheer

Maddie Misterka | December 14, 2022

At midnight on Nov. 1, I routinely lay down and listen to two songs: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and Straight No Chaser’s “12 Days of Christmas” holiday medley. Out of my 7 hour 28 minute Christmas music playlist, these two songs have never failed to make me feel full of holiday cheer. To me, once Halloween has passed, the Christmas season has started and it’s time...

While holiday spirit can bring joy, it may have negative effects on mental health

Darshini Shankar | December 14, 2022

Every year, by the end of October, I see Christmas decorations taking the place of Halloween ones in stores like Costco and Target. Macy’s blasts Mariah Carey before Thanksgiving even approaches. The Holiday season now lasts for nearly two whole months, pressurizing people to join in on excessive holiday spirit. The only people profiting from this excessive holiday spirit are large-scale corporations....

In light of ACE Week, students should prioritize health over academic pressure

Devyn Sapper and Pahal Sehgal | December 13, 2022

During the school year, we as students are constantly sacrificing aspects of our life for academics. Choosing to stay home and study instead of spending time with friends and family. Choosing to drink another cup of coffee instead of a glass of water. Choosing to stay up all night doing homework and studying instead of getting a full night of sleep. The CDC says that those 13-18 should be getting...

As Thanksgiving approaches, individuals should avoid diet stigmas

Riley Laferriere | November 24, 2022

Indulging in buttered rolls, mashed potatoes and turkey is a tradition for my family on Thanksgiving. Every year, my relatives gather around the table, give thanks for our blessings and dive into the delicious food. But while I especially like this tradition, others have a distaste for it.  A large reason for this distaste is diet culture. Diet culture is a set of societal norms which tells individuals...

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