Heidi Peng
Hi! I'm Heidi Peng, one of six managing editors for the HiLite. My primary role on staff as of now is to oversee graphics and the logistics of our staff. I was primarily a reporter during my first year; however, I've gained considerable skill in graphic design and have had my fair share of both photography and videography. Outside of HiLite, I am in Science Olympiad, TEDxCHS, Rho Kappa, and many more; furthermore, I have an internship at our local publishing company: CURRENT in Carmel. I have also received a couple of awards in Opinion Writing as well as graphic design. I love to bake, write, and draw. You can view all my previous and current work at my portfolio.

Heidi Peng, Managing Editor

Dec 02, 2018
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Nov 22, 2018
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Nov 16, 2018
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Nov 16, 2018
Nov 11, 2018
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Oct 25, 2018
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Oct 25, 2018
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Oct 25, 2018
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Sep 21, 2018
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Sep 05, 2018
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Jul 16, 2018
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May 18, 2018
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Mar 23, 2018
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Mar 23, 2018
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Jan 25, 2018
What’s in a Name? Students should appreciate the heritage, culture of others. (Story)
Jan 25, 2018
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Nov 20, 2017
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Oct 27, 2017
The Singularity: With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in the 21st century, CHS students and staff evaluate its effects on one’s privacy and security (Story)
Oct 24, 2017
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Oct 03, 2017
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Sep 11, 2017
Academic Super Bowl to hold call-out meeting after Homecoming (Story)
Sep 21, 2017
Through the Lens: With photos becoming progressively more prevalent in everyday life, CHS students and staff reflect on their purpose (Media)
Aug 15, 2017
Waking Up is Hard to Do: While recent studies support later high school start times, what do CHS students, staff think? (Story/Media)
Apr 20, 2017
Raising Awareness (Story)
Mar 17, 2017
Profits vs People (Story)
Mar 17, 2017
Proud to be… American? Recent surveys show some Americans see language as a key part of our culture. What do CHS students and staff think? (Media)
Mar 02, 2017
Academic Super Bowl to journey to first competition on March 2 (Story)
Jan 27, 2017
It’s Okay to be Lost (Story)
Dec 12, 2016
CHS community speaks up about lower volunteer rates in recent years (Story)
Oct 13, 2016
Students, teachers contemplate the necessity of trigger warnings (Story)
Sep 16, 2016
Despite controversial issues that continue to plague society, students turn to social media to express their views (Story)