Social Media Sensation: Q&A with senior Elizabeth Shelton, who runs her own popular YouTube channel

Senior Elizabeth Shelton sits in her bedroom which doubles as her studio. Shelton films most of her videos in the room.

Cory Steele, 15 Minutes Editor

December 12, 2016

“For me, it’s more about the message than putting on makeup or showing people my room... it’s about making people happy and sharing my story as well.”

Freshman Alisha Wang is a nationally ranked competitive figure skater


December 13, 2013

When did you first step on the ice? The first time I stepped on the ice rink was when I was about 6 years old. When I first stepped on the ice, all I remember is that it was really scary at first, but I got the hang of it fast and didn’t need to use the wall anymore. How do you feel before a jump? Before a ...

Best Bunnies


April 28, 2011

Junior Rachel Schloneger breeds rabbits for competitions. By Henry Zhu <[email protected]> How would you describe what you do? I raise rabbits for showing competitively against others. In the competition, we try to breed our rabbits as close to a description of “perfect” we can, and the competition’s about whose rabbit is most ...

Cage Rage


March 1, 2011

Junior Michael Kelleher competes as a cage fighter. By Sarah Yun <[email protected]> What does being a cage fighter entail? You have to work out a lot. I work out about eight times a week and practice for three hours four times a week. You have to have incredible dedication and will power to train ...

Bird’s the Word


January 27, 2011

Senior Elena Murzyn tames raptors as a falconer By Katie Norman <[email protected]> What got you started as a falconer? I'd read about falconry before, but what really got me started was seeing Mark Booth's falconry program at Connor Prairie. I talked to him after the show, and he told me about the laws and responsibilities required of ...

The Need for Speed


September 23, 2010

Junior Caroline Wachtel participates in speed skating, a rare sport for high schoolers. By Monica Cheng <[email protected]> How would you describe speed skating to those who aren’t familiar with the sport? When I try to explain it to someone, I usually mention the fact that we’re on sk...