Club Med plans to visit Medical Academic Center on Feb. 22


February 5, 2014

This year, Club Med will again offer members the opportunity to visit the Medical Academic Center (MAC) to witness a corpse or cadaver dissection. According to Anaelle Zimmowitch, Club Med co-president and senior, the event will take place on Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost of the trip, includi...

Club Med prepares to start year on Sept. 8


September 4, 2013

Club Med has scheduled its first meeting to be on Sept. 9, according to Omeed Malek, Club Med president and senior. The location for club meetings will be, like last year, in Club Med sponsor Sarah Gillim’s classroom (B215). Meetings will most likely be on every other Monday. Gillim said she is...

Chess Club to participate in spring tournaments, Checkers Club officers selected

Chess Club members junior Jimmy Zhang and junior Anatoly Morozonov play a casual game of chess. Chess Club members will be participating in the state team tournament on March 23. ASTER SAMUEL / PHOTO


March 18, 2013

According to Andrew Kluttz, Chess Club officer and junior, members of Chess Club will be participating in the team state tournament scheduled for March 23. Jimmy Zhang, president of Checkers Club and junior, said Checkers Club officers have been selected. Freshman Joseph “Joe” Philleo has been...