Cold Turkey: New Hamilton county animal care laws to go into effect

Viyang Hao

October 24, 2019

Starting on Nov. 9, Hamilton county will start to enforce a new animal ordinance that focuses on improv- ing the penalties for animal abuse, neglect, and endangerment, which includes leaving animals outside in extreme weather conditions. According to the Hamilton County website, the revised...

Environmental Action Club Makes Plans to Start off New School Year

Kian Robinson, club member and junior, prepares for the Environmental Action Club call out meeting.

Laasya Mamidipalli

September 4, 2018

Ben Ring, Environmental Action club officer and junior, says, “The call out meeting is after school on Sept. 10 in room B207, and the club typically meets the second Monday of every month.” Ring says, “At the call out meeting we mainly want to talk about what’s going on locally. We want to introduce the clu...