Club Med to host final meeting on May 19

Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior, does his homework. According to Malek, Club Med’s final meeting will be on May 19. AARON SHI / PHOTO


May 18, 2014

Club Med has tentatively scheduled its final meeting for May 19, according to Club Med sponsor Sarah Gillim. The meeting will be in room B215 and will take place after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Gillim said the year has been steadily winding down as members are becoming occupied with school. A...

Club Med to meet on April 14, continue to perform axolotl experiment


April 7, 2014

Club Med has scheduled a meeting on April 14, according to Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior. During this meeting, Club Med will continue its annual experiment on axolotls, salamanders that have the ability to regenerate lost limbs using stem cells. The experiment involves grafting stem c...

Club Med plans to visit Medical Academic Center on Feb. 22


February 5, 2014

This year, Club Med will again offer members the opportunity to visit the Medical Academic Center (MAC) to witness a corpse or cadaver dissection. According to Anaelle Zimmowitch, Club Med co-president and senior, the event will take place on Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost of the trip, includi...

Freshman becomes youngest to qualify for science fair


April 25, 2013

On April 6, freshman Kamna Gupta became the youngest student in Indiana to qualify for the National level of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix from May 12 to 17. “I feel really excited and nervous and just amazed...This opportunity doesn’t come to very many freshmen at all,” Gupta said. Fo...