Baking a Difference club presidents look forward to new year

Taylor Emrick, Baking a Difference club president and senior, texts the new vice president, Morgan Goodrich, to plan their next meeting. She chose Goodrich to be the vice president last year. “I’m really excited to see what the club can do this year,” Emrick said.

September 13, 2017

Taylor Emrick, Baking a Difference club president and senior, has not had a meeting nor has she planned one for the new school year. Although she hasn’t gotten the club started yet, she said she thinks, “the club will be a great success this year with the new vice president since we have different...

Baking a Difference plans call-out meeting

Shira Moran, club member and sophomore, promotes Baking a Difference at the freshman activity fair. The club will have its first meeting of the year on Sept. 10.


September 4, 2015

Baking a Difference will have a callout meeting on Sept. 10 in Room B101. According to Molly Frank, club president and senior, anyone is welcome to join. “Baking a Difference is a club here at CHS and our mission statement is to use baking skills to give back to the community. About once a month...

‘Baking a Difference’ bakes food for local charities

'Baking a Difference' bakes food for local charities


November 15, 2013

Baking a Difference club isn’t any ordinary charity-based club: Members of the club,  bake to help local charities and organizations. According to Molly Frank, co-president of Baking a Difference and sophomore, the club makes baked goods to give to charities and also sells the baked goods to raise money for charities. “I just ...