Senate finalizes Feb. 7 Gatsby party, organizes Counselor Appreciation Week, Brain Game

Student body president George Gemelas addresses the Senate SRT during a meeting. According to Gemelas, Senate members are waiting to confirm the Brain Game finals date before proceeding with the competition. HAFSA RAZI / PHOTO


February 4, 2014

Senate members are taking care of last-minute details for the Gatsby party on Feb. 7, according to sponsor Michelle Foutz. They are also organizing Counselor Appreciation Week, which is from Feb. 3 to Feb. 7, and the Brain Game competition, which will begin on Feb. 27. Among the tasks left to complete...

Senate plans Neon Dance for Saturday


January 26, 2011

Second semester, Senate starts at full speed, planning events from Dance Marathon to various staff appreciation weeks. Luckily though, according to Mason Yao, Senate member and junior, the Senate will have some assistance from the Cabinet. “Winter Formal has been cancelled, so right now Senate and...