Pep Up for the Pep Rally: Students should maintain the homecoming spirit by appreciating the pep rally

Natalie Khamis

September 26, 2019

Homecoming has an odd effect on students. I have noticed that people seem happier during homecoming week as if they are excited about attending school for once in their lives. The time and creativity that goes into choosing themed outfits goes beyond the normal sweatshirt and legging combination seen th...

Greyhound Nation Executive Board wins award, continues to show support for winter sports

The banner that the Greyhound Nation Executive Board made hangs in the varsity gym. This banner is just one of many projects.

Uday Lomada

December 12, 2017

           Throughout Indiana, schools have been competing to win the award of the WISH-TV Zone Championship Banner, given to the school with the most student support throughout all of the events, games and matches that have transpired. Recently, CHS has won this award thanks to the help that Bi...

The Wilder, The Better

The Wilder, The Better


September 16, 2015

For the first time in CHS history, Wild Bunch and Big Game Club are accepting students from all grade levels. Since they were previously only accepting senior, this is a change that affects all grades. Most sophomores and juniors are very excited, but some seniors are disappointed with the change. Big...

Difference Makers: Nicky Jasin and Conner McGeehan

Nicky Jasin, co-president of Big Game and senior, leads a chant at a football game at Hamilton Southeastern on Oct. 25. In his role with Big Game, Jasin has injected energy into other students. JASON KLEIN / PHOTO


December 5, 2013

For the past seven years, Big Game has been behind many of the themed sporting events, planning tailgates and other school spirit ideas. While in the past, Big Game has focused on covering “The Big Three”: football, basketball and baseball. This year, however, the club has expanded into covering...

Big Game to select next year’s leaders


May 10, 2012

According to Charlie Browning, Big Game president and senior, the leaders and sponsor Dale Herr will be conferencing about the prospects for next year’s leader soon. “I think guys that are highly energized – somebody that really wants to do it, that’s what we’re looking for,” Herr said....

Big Game to attend men’s basketball Sectional Feb. 29


February 28, 2012

According to Charlie Browning, Big Game president and senior, the first Sectional game for the men's basketball team will be Feb. 29. He said the club members will participate in a 'blue-out' for the game. “Also, if the team wins, they will play later in the week and we will be attending that game...

Big Game to attend girls’ Sectional basketball game on Feb. 8, boys’ basketball game on Feb. 9


February 7, 2012

According to Charlie Browning, Big Game club president and senior, Big Game will be attending the girls' Sectional basketball game on Feb. 8. The game, he said, is scheduled to be a “blue-out”. Big Game is also attending the boys’ basketball game at Hamilton Southeastern on Feb. 9, which will be...

Big Game to support football team, women’s soccer team


October 26, 2011

Big Game, the senior men's spirit group, will support the CHS football team and the women’s soccer team the weekend of Oct. 28. Although the group has no themes planned for these two games yet, Charlie Browning, Big Game president and senior, said, “We will be at both of those games.” Reaching...

Senior Class encouraged to join clubs like Big Game, Wild Bunch


September 3, 2011

The Senior Class has many exciting events this year, which will separate it from the other grade levels at this school. “This year may or may not decide your future. Make wise choices and remember to stay involved in school activities,” Counselor Becky Stuelpe said to her senior students. Two...

School support high for CHS women’s swim team


February 23, 2011

On Feb. 12, the CHS women’s swimming and diving team won their 25th consecutive state championship. Big Game sponsor Dale Herr said, “Spirit days and general awareness gets the crowd pumped and creates bigger crowds at events, something we’re aiming for.” The swimmers trained hard for t...

Despite current varsity men’s basketball record, Big Game remains in high spirits


January 16, 2011

The varsity men’s basketball season opened on Nov. 24 with an 84-71 win against Brownsburg. After starting off strong, the team has won three more games and lost five. Big Game sponsor Dale Herr said, “After the incident last year, we as a school seem to still have this thirst to prove ourselves....