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Chinese II students prepare for vocabulary quiz on new travel unit

Michelle Wan March 16, 2021

Chinese II students have just started their new unit on travel.  Claire Noggle, Chinese II student and sophomore, said students  have a matching quiz for the new vocabulary every unit. “We have vocabulary...

Virtual students in Chinese II take on challenges, choose safety over risks of COVID-19

Michelle Wan January 11, 2021

As school starts up for its second semester, students have the choice to switch between the all virtual or hybrid systems of learning. Some Chinese II class students who have chosen the all virtual path...

Chinese II students begin new unit, learn about different cultures of clothing in China

Michelle Wan November 11, 2020

Throughout October, Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee allows students to explore more Chinese culture of clothing styles by completing individual projects in her class. “It is really hard right now to find...

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