White(washed) Lies

White(washed) Lies

Leah Tan October 8, 2021

CONTENT WARNING: Non-descriptive language about genocide of Native American people “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” or so they say. This simple line was only part of the ignorant and whitewashed...

Sophomore Brandon Anderson talks to students at a Black Student Alliance club meeting. Anderson said the concept of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is good but not ideal in practice.

Debate between Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day leads to varying opinions among students, staff

Saumya Somasi October 21, 2020

Every year since Columbus Day was officially recognized as a federal holiday in October 1937, Columbus Day has been celebrated by a number of states. However, in more recent years, opinions about the day...

News Briefs

September 20, 2019

MAKING HISTORY: Katie Kelly, AP World History teacher, teachers her class about the Aztecs. Kelly said bias in history is inevitable.

Students, teachers realize bias in history, want to hear both sides of the story

feature November 14, 2014

The second Monday of October, commonly known as Columbus Day, had a more solemn tone this year in Seattle. The city is now among the growing number of cities in the United States, including Minneapolis...

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