Falling Asleep: Senior Hannah Kosc zones out during SRT. She said she often finds herself extremely tired after long nights staying up in an attempt to complete her homework.

Burning Out: Academically competitive environment affects CHS students’ ability to keep up with workload

Jessica Konrad February 22, 2019

As the minute hand of the clock approaches 3:05 p.m., the tension in the classroom grows with each passing second. Antsy students squirm in their chairs, while others start crowding around the door in...

Counseling Center to prepare for AP exams, scholarship banquet

Beats March 30, 2014

According to counselor Bettina Cool, the counseling center is beginning to organize AP exams and the scholarship banquet for seniors on May 22. Cool and four other counselors organize the exams by putting...

Counselors to schedule sophomores and juniors for next school year

Beats December 15, 2013

Counselors plan to finish sophomore scheduling for next school year before winter break. Scheduling for juniors will begin in January, according to counselor Bettina Cool via email. “Our current priority...

Counselors encourage seniors to apply for scholarships

Beats December 3, 2011

According to counselor Shelly Rubenstein, this is a good time for seniors to apply for scholarships for college. “With the economy as it is and the cost of college fees going up,” Rubenstein said,...

Counselors to introduce Indiana Career Explorer

Beats October 29, 2011

Before the end of November, school counselors plan to introduce students of all grade levels to the Indiana Career Explorer, which according to counselor Melinda Stephan, is an online tool that provides...

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