How Criticism Trumps Praise

How Criticism Trumps Praise


November 15, 2013

A succinct truth about society, according to senior Eva Hernandez: We have become accustomed to praise. “If you look at the way we interact with other people, a lot of the times, if we walk up to other people, the first thing after you say ‘Hi,’ is ‘I like your shirt,’” she said. “It...

Tackling a New Grading System


August 10, 2010

Transition to nine-week grading period changes how students approach schoolwork By Patrick Bryant <pbryant@hilite.org> For senior Elise Ruff, the end of her high school career begins with a new format for grading periods. This change will alter not only the length of grading periods from six six-we...

Living with a Label


January 29, 2010

The American Muslim community still faces discrimination, continuing almost a decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks By Victor Xu <vxu@hilite.org> After freshman Samreen Uzzama began wearing her hijab in seventh grade to further her Islamic faith, she said discrimination toward her...