Analyzing the Epidemic: Despite Juul Lab’s declared efforts to stop the youth vaping epidemic, it should face severe consequences for its role in initiating the problem in the first place

Alanna Wu January 11, 2019

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t had much experience with Juuls, aside from the occasional empty pod in the stadium parking lot or the sickly-sweet smell of mango clouding the bathroom air....

In the Sun: The men’s track and field team trains after school. According to Samantha Dauby, track and field member and sophomore, most members do not wear sunscreen while they practice.

Studies show decline in sunscreen use in teenagers, rise in rates of melanoma

feature March 22, 2012

Despite the risks that the sun’s harmful rays pose, Samantha Dauby, track and field member and sophomore, said she never wears sunscreen at practices, or ever at all. She is one of many high school students...

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