Every Single They. We should accept and embrace the natural evolution of language.


April 23, 2016

Language is ever-changing. there’s a reason why you don’t hear Shakespearean English while walking down the street. I’m not using “doth” or “thou” in my writing, and that’s because, over the years, words like these have fallen out of use. Language evolves as culture does. Regardless,...

Skating Out of Norms: Junior Ali Sinnett joins the Carmel Ice Hounds, a predominately male team

Skating Out of Norms:  Junior Ali Sinnett joins the Carmel  Ice Hounds, a predominately male team


October 9, 2015

She waits right next to the locker room, dressed in full hockey gear. The Carmel Icehounds Blue team is about to start its daily pre-practice talk, but they are one player short. Then, a coach opens the locker room door to let her know she can come inside. In a sport that oozes testosterone, junior Ali Sin...

Recent developments in coaching gender equality causes Carmel to analyze its own coaching staff

HUDDLE UP: Head women’s volleyball coach, Matt Fishman, discusses strategy with his players. The women’s volleyball team is one of the many female teams at CHS with a male coach.


September 16, 2015

Recently, female coaches have been dominating headlines everywhere for attaining coaching positions on male professional sporting teams. Becky Hammon was not only hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, but also led them on to victory during the NBA’s Las Vegas summer league tournament....

#banbossy. Ban Bossy campaign has the power to change societal perceptions of female leaders.

#banbossy. Ban Bossy campaign has the power to change societal perceptions of female leaders.


April 24, 2014

An interesting contrast in our society: Women who lead are considered “bossy,” while men who lead are considered commanding. Recall the last time you were in a classroom setting or worked in a group with a slightly overbearing student. In those situations, recall how you perceived the student and if y...

Despite current gender gap, female students seek to achieve in top leadership positions

Speaker of the House Meredith Baranowski speaks at an all-school convocation. Baranowski , one of this school's female leaders , said she believes men and women are equally capable of leadership.


April 25, 2013

During her freshman year, Meredith Baranowski, current Speaker of the House, walked into her first House meeting and saw a lone female on stage, Sunny Huang ’10, then Speaker of the House. “My immediate first reaction was, ‘There’s a girl who looks like she has her stuff together’ and that...

An increasing number of females join stereotypically male clubs


December 13, 2010

By Nick Andrews <[email protected]> While the overwhelming perception may be that comic fans are male, Kaijah Monson, Comix Club member and sophomore, would disagree. Monson said, “(I like) drawing (comics) and also the fact that it’s so much a part of American history. I mean comics...

He Said, She Said: The Social Networking Gender Gap

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May 20, 2010

As the use of social networking sites increases, different genders begin to use the sites in different ways for different reasons. By Celina Wu <[email protected]> When she arrives home after school, junior Jayne Stelzer has a routine. This routine of hers almost always includes logging onto her...

Gender equality will soon prevail


February 27, 2009

By Michelle Hu <[email protected]> There’s a girl from Yemen that just made the best decision of her life: to get a divorce. She became the youngest divorcee in the world last April, after her parents married her off to a man more than three times her age, and she rebelled against their decisio...