TechHOUNDs members and sophomores Kalen Rudd, Aryaman Gupta and Sameer Leley fix the shooter.  TechHOUNDs created multiple prototypes before its finished product, which it brought to competition. JESSICA TAO / PHOTO

TechHOUNDs makes it to semifinals of March 6 Crossroads Regional, prepares for March 20 Boilermaker Regional

Beats March 15, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, competed in the Crossroads Regional at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology from March 6 to 9. The team made it to semifinals. TechHOUNDs sponsor George Giltner said members...

TechHOUNDs presents its final robot, the Rolls-Royce.  The team worked on it for six weeks and finished it on Feb. 18. PHOTO / JESSICA TAO

TechHOUNDs build season ends Feb. 18, team prepares for March 6 competition

Beats February 18, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, recently finished its final robot. The build season ended Feb. 18, so members worked a total of 30 hours during the 3 day-weekend before the deadline. TechHOUNDs sponser...

Sophomores Sameer Leley, Aryaman Gupta and Kalen Rudd make adjustments to the shooter. TechHOUNDs tested out its prototype for the first time after school on Monday, Jan. 27. PHOTO / JESSICA TAO

TechHOUNDs completes first prototype, awaits confirmation of robot legality

Beats January 31, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, completed its first robot design and tested it out on Jan. 27. TechHOUNDs sponsor George Giltner said the designing has gone well, although the design is subject to change...

TechHOUNDs members and sophomores Kalen Rudd, Vikas Maturi and Sameer Leley make changes to their model. In past years, the TechHOUNDs team prepared two robots before its March competition: a prototype and a final model. PHOTO / JESSICA TAO

TechHOUNDs receives season objective, begins to build prototypes

Beats January 18, 2014

TechHOUNDs, the robotics team, received its season objective on Jan. 4. According to sponsor George Giltner, there’s a change in point scoring this year. TechHOUNDs member and sophomore Tiger Huang...

Junior Jacob Swiezy. JAYMEE STOUT / PHOTO

Difference Maker: Jacob Swiezy

acumen December 5, 2013

Junior Jacob Swiezy fixed a sign board that had not worked for over 10 years. Acumen sat down with him to talk about the process it took to build it, as well as its effect.  So, what exactly is...

Kalen Rudd, Tech Hounds member and sophomore, works on an old robot shooter.  During the preseason, members refine last year’s robots for practice until the official season starts in January. JESSICA TAO / PHOTO

Tech Hounds earns second place at Nov. 9 Brownsburg meet, continues to train members for Jan. 5 season

Beats November 19, 2013

Tech Hounds recently attended its second preseason event in Brownsburg. According to sponsor George Giltner, rookie members gained a lot of driving experience. Sophomore Stanley Liu said by going...

Tech Hounds member and senior Joshua Chang works on cadding a tennis shooter. During the off-season, Tech Hounds constructs two shooters for real competitions later on in the year. JESSICA TAO / PHOTO

Tech Hounds has successful CAGE Match and continues to train members

Beats October 29, 2013

Tech Hounds, the robotics engineering team, recently attended its first ever CAGE Match and earned first place. According to sponsor George Giltner, the rookie team did surprisingly well. Member and sophomore...

Sophomore Aryaman Gupta and other TechHounds member test out an old robot.  TechHounds is preparing for a Cage Match in October, where they will scrimmage with last year’s robot at Southport High School.

Tech Hounds has successful call-out meeting, prepares for Cage Match

Beats September 17, 2013

Tech Hounds recently had its call-out meeting on Sept. 5. It is now working to train new members for the upcoming Cage Match. Member and sophomore Zachary Simpson said that this year was the largest turn...

Sophomore Sameer Leley toys with Tech Hound’s newest robot.  The team is constantly looking to make new improvements on old projects.

Tech Hounds prepares for Sept. 5 call-out meeting

Beats September 5, 2013

Tech Hounds, CHS's robotics engineering team, is preparing for its call-out meeting after a very successful 2012 to 2013 season. According to sponsor George Giltner, last year was Tech Hound’s best season...

TechHOUNDS to participate in season’s final competition May 18

Beats May 17, 2013

Carmel’s TechHOUNDS team is set to finish up their season at their final competition on May 18. The team will be competing in the state championship and hopes to win. Team leader Akash Shankar will be...

TechHOUNDS team leader Akash Shankar adds last minute touches to the Frisbee catcher for the team’s
upcoming competition. The team is adding last minute touches to improve their robot. The team’s
upcoming competition will take place April 24-27 in the St. Louis in the Rams stadium. KARI TRUAX / PHOTO

TechHOUNDS next competition in St. Louis April 24-27

Beats April 23, 2013

Members of the TechHOUNDS are wrapping up finishing touches and are preparing for their competition April 24 to 27: The FIRST Championship in St. Louis. The team is confident about this upcoming competition...

Junior Joshua

Increasing prevalence of 3-D printers raises concerns about copyright, patent law

James Streisel March 22, 2013

A machine slowly pieced bits of melted plastic together into a shape. Junior Joshua “Josh” Chang watched eagerly as his vision came to life. As if in a science fiction film, an object that was...

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