CHS student discusses the causes of depression and how to deal with them

CHS student discusses the causes of depression and how to deal with them

Cory Steele, 15 Minutes of Fame Editor

September 28, 2016

Junior Amelia Harrison has depression. She was diagnosed in the seventh grade, but she said the signs began to manifest themselves at the beginning of her fifth grade year. Since her diagnosis, she has found many misconceptions about the disease exist, and in general, the subject is somewhat taboo. ...

The Spiritual ‘High’: Regular attendance at a place of worship increases happiness

Faithfully happy: Senior Madison Shattuck reads her Bible during SRT. Shattuck said she finds happiness through what members of her church call a “spiritual high,” a feeling of strength and security from her personal connection to God. Conner Gordon / Photo


May 18, 2012

Senior Madison Shattuck has attended Northview Church on Hazel Dell Parkway for the past five years, but for her, church does not end after Sunday morning. Instead, she said, her connection to God extends beyond the church doors. It is a relationship that brings her hope and happiness. “(If you...

Recent studies show the positive impact of maintaining a happy attitude on health

JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Sophomore Danielle Guthrie laughs with her teammates during swim practice. According to Guthrie, she often feels happy from bonding with her other swimmers. KATHLEEN BERTSCH / PHOTO


February 23, 2012

It was her birthday, but sophomore Parmida Mostafavi was still required to go to Farsi school, a religious school. Although, she said she didn’t really have the intention to go to school on a birthday, she decided to attend anyhow. When she arrived, she was surprised to find friends, family and many...