Photographer Kyle Crawford looks at pros and cons of new iPhone SE

Photographer Kyle Crawford looks  at pros and cons of new iPhone SE


May 19, 2016

I would say i’m a fan of Apple products, though for the past four years I was holding back on each of the new Apple iPhones. While I was enjoying Apple’s other products such as the Macbook Pro, AppleTV and the iPad, for some reason, I stayed faithful to my iPhone 4s. As the years went by, my iPhone...

Rumored Apple products


March 15, 2014

The following is a work of satire and is in no way meant to represent true events. Apple has always been on the cutting edge of new and exciting products. Here are some of the rumored gadgets supposed to be released in the next year. The iPad Mini Mini: This rumored product is an iPad Mini that ha...

Is the BlackBerry back?


January 24, 2013

While BlackBerry Z10 possesses features that make it a close contender with top devices, brand loyalty to Apple among other companies may limit its success. BlackBerry, “Crackberry,” or simply “The Berry”: Whatever users choose to call it, there’s no denying that the mobile device has risen...

Opinion: Should you buy the iPhone 5?

Opinion: Should you buy the iPhone 5?

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September 13, 2012

Apple announced the iPhone 5 yesterday, and the annual question looms: is upgrading to the new iPhone worth it? I have a simple answer. If you own an iPhone 4S, it is not worth it. If you own the iPhone 4, or any iPhone before it, it is by far a yes. I say this because the biggest upgrade Apple annou...

Top 10… Most popular gifts this holiday season


December 14, 2009

Still looking for that great gift idea? How about holiday music of the perfect seasonal movie night? The Hilite's got you covered with these lists Compiled by Audrey Bailey 1. Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus Game Bundle Like last holiday season, the Wii is back and is now offering other featur...