Examining family’s role popularity of the ‘star wars’ franchise

Examining family’s role popularity of the ‘star wars’ franchise


April 23, 2015

Junior Kate Love has been fascinated by “Star Wars” since she was about seven years old. She said, “It’s kind of like a pop cultural legend ... They just really kept it going, and now they’re rebooting it, so that’s probably one of the reasons it’s still really prevalent today.” Si...

Sophomore class officer position encourages leadership


December 18, 2013

Sophomore class president Joe Philleo assumes the role as a leader as he tries to make the best out of this year. “I ran for class president because I thought that I could get my ideas about perhaps school lunches and how to make our class even better than it already is,” said Philleo Sophomore...

Recognition ceremony for individual accomplishments hosted in Media Center Nov. 1

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November 2, 2013

Select students and teachers were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments by a ceremony in the media center on Nov. 1. Principal John Williams outlined each individuals' accomplishments and congratulated them. This event was organized by assistant principal Brittany Wiseman and student serv...

Freshman Class ring sales begin


March 26, 2013

Class ring sales for the class of 2016 began March 5, and will continue until the class graduates, according to Freshman Class co-sponsor John Love. “The company accepts ring orders anytime. You can be in May of your senior year and still be able to buy one,” Love said. According to secretary...

Speech team to compete in tournaments on Feb. 16 and Feb. 23


February 13, 2013

On Feb. 16, the speech team will be competing in a tournament at Lawrence North High School followed by another competition at Kokomo High School on Feb. 23, according to speech team sponsor John Love. The speech team will then host sectionals here on March 2, and if any members advance to the state...

Freshman Class officers to conduct meeting to discuss future activities


February 9, 2013

Freshman Class co-sponser John Love will conduct a meeting for the freshman officers in the next couple of weeks to discuss future activities. “We’re probably going to talk about what kind of spring activities, or an activity, we want to do, maybe one just for the Freshman Class,” Love said. Love...

Freshman Class officers to conduct meeting discussing future activities


January 18, 2013

In two weeks, Freshman Class co-sponser John Love said he  will conduct a meeting for the freshman officers to discuss current proceeds and future plans. “I want to get with the kids and discuss how much we made so far, and decide if that’s enough to carry us through the activities for the rest...

Freshman Class Officers to have Meeting Discussing Future Class Activities


October 20, 2012

In three weeks, Freshman Class co-sponsor John Love will hold a meeting for the freshman officers to discuss future activities for the class. “Since it’s the start of a new quarter, we’re going to wait a few weeks before we get (the officers) together to talk about the different activities we...

Freshman Class adjusts to CHS


October 4, 2012

The Freshman Class of 2016 is adjusting to CHS,  with class co-sponsors John Love and Kristi Leveque guiding the way. “We’re starting to get them acclimated and trying to get them involved,” Love said. Freshman Class president Sam Pittman, vice president Neil Shah, treasurer Shakeel Zia...

Coaches use halftime speeches to motivate players


August 15, 2012

A halftime speech is a motivational speech designed to inspire players and boost the team’s performance in the second half. Some of the greatest halftime speeches ever spoken contain some of the same common elements. Each was extremely persuasive and all had carefully selected “key” words in t...