Students, counselors challenge the benefits, disadvantages of preparing early for college

Incoming CHS freshman Keanan Riedford makes pasta. According to Melinda Stephen, College and Careers Programming and Resource Cordinator, cooking is one of the skills students often struggle with.

Kiersten Riedford

June 8, 2020

With the school year concluded, senior Lina Waseem said she is determined to prepare herself for college before setting foot on campus. According to The Skyline View, college is a place of learning independence as a young adult, where students have to learn how to live on their own and manage academic...

Advice & Printables for Bullet Journaling

Advice & Printables for Bullet Journaling

Grace Xu

May 21, 2020

Grace Xu serves as the writing coach of the HiLite, but in her spare time, she bullet journals extensively and even ran her own journaling Instagram account at one point. In conjunction with the cover story for this issue about the rise in bullet journaling due to the social isolation characteristic...

With e-learning in place, CHS students, teachers see rise of aesthetics in journaling, note-taking

With e-learning in place, CHS students, teachers see rise of aesthetics in journaling, note-taking

Karen Zhang

May 21, 2020

  During quarantine, junior Emily Chan has been bullet journaling. Her process is the same each time—she makes a cover page, a monthly layout with important dates, various trackers and finally creates weekly spreads that help her keep track of her assignments and other tasks. When she...

African-American students sport natural hair, celebrate Natural Hair Movement this Black History Month

African-American students sport natural hair,  celebrate Natural Hair Movement this Black History Month

Anushka Dasgupta and Riya Chinni

February 21, 2020

When people ask senior Kiara Garcia if they can touch her hair, she’s never offended. Instead, she said she uses these situations as an opportunity to educate others about her natural hair texture. As a Trinidadian-American, Garcia’s hair differs from the straighter or smoother texture of the maj...

Establishment of CBD month acknowledges rise in popularity of CBD oil, various uses

Srinivasu Kesa, founder and owner of MD Medical Weight Loss, Medical Center and Med Spa schedules his next appointment. Kesa said there are several different benefits to using CBD oils.

Uma Kandallu

January 23, 2020

Sophomore Manasa Kesa said she first learned about cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential uses when her parents opened their weight loss store and began selling the product. Now, Manasa said she primarily uses CBD to enhance her concentration while studying. “I have problems with focusing and energy, and my pa...

Beauty pageants judge CHS students on factors other than just physical appearance

Abi Meyyappan, National American Miss Indiana (NAMI) finalist and senior, adjusts her tiara in a mirror. Meyyappan said she enjoyed her first beauty pageant experience.

Wendy Zhu

December 12, 2019

When a family friend told Abi Meyyappan, National American Miss Indiana (NAMI) finalist and senior, about an opportunity for a free photoshoot this past summer, Meyyappan said she had no idea it was actually an open call for a beauty pageant. After the photoshoot, she thought nothing of it, but a few...

As foreseen apocalyptic events quickly approach, students consider effect of superstitions, pregame rituals

Before going on stage for Holiday Spectacular’s first performance, Aidan Mellor, Ambassadors member and senior, and other choir members chant. The chant is a way to rid of their nervousness before performing.

Leslie Huang

December 12, 2019

Aidan Mellor, Ambassadors member and senior, actively participates in the school choir, and although he said he doesn’t personally believe in superstitions, he said before each performance, choir members follow a chant. He said this chant has become a mandatory ritual to set an optimistic atmosphere...

As “cuffing season” arrives, students debate how high school relationships affect social development


Kiersten Riedford

November 15, 2019

Sophomore Elizabeth Katz has never dated in her life and she said during this cuffing season she would prefer to keep it that way. The term “cuffing season,” which originated in Urban Dictionary in 2011, refers to the desire to be in a relationship or “cuffed,” during the winter months. Katz...

Women’s basketball aims to move forward from last year’s rebuild

SHOOTAROUND: Senior Kiara Gill passes the ball during a drill as the team looks on. The team opens the season with a long road trip to Homestead.

Kiersten Riedford

October 24, 2019

On Nov. 9, the women’s basketball team will take the court to open its 2019-20 season with an away game against Homestead High School. Due to the low-cut nature of tryouts, returning players said they had already formed a close bond as they began official practices. According to both players and c...

Carmel Electric Ensemble chooses new music in preparation for the spring concert

Jiwon Yu, club president and junior, practices the club's latest music. The Carmel Electric Ensemble is preparing for the upcoming April concert, and they have been meeting more often to better their playing beforehand. Yu said, “We are working on the rhythms and intonations (individually) because we are going to sight read for the next rehearsal.”

Kiersten Riedford

April 15, 2019

The Carmel Electric Ensemble has changed its setlist from what they had previously prepared for the winter concert. After returning from an extended break from the club, the ensemble members have begun to rehearse more often during their SRT time slots. The previous rehearsals in April allow the group to c...

Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet on March 18

Kiersten Riedford

March 22, 2019

The Carmel Electric Ensemble is to meet on March 18 during SRT. The ensemble members are starting to regroup from an extended break, their last meeting was Feb. 22, and they have chosen a new setlist for their upcoming concert in April. Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said, “It’s not official...