Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SRT. Napier said he uses SRT to check his email to ensure that he does not miss accidents or issues that may have come up in the middle of the school day.

Maintenance staff closes the school year, looks towards future

Pranav Jothirajah May 11, 2021

With the end of the school year a few weeks away, the maintenance staff continues their daily work and responsibilities in finishing the year. However, maintenance worker Fred Napier stated that as a team...

Maintenance technician Fred Sheats checks the air handlers throughout the building, on the computer, to make sure the heat throughout the building is working correctly. The colored bars help the maintenance staff keep track of the different temperatures throughout the building and help locate potential problems.

Maintenance department to continue preventative maintenance, clear snow

Lillian He February 15, 2019

Throughout the next month, the maintenance department will continue preventative maintenance. According to maintenance technician Fred Sheats, “(Preventative maintenance) means you’re troubleshooting,...

Maintenance department to prepare for spring sports

Beats March 13, 2014

According to maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt, the department will prepare for the spring season, which includes sports like track and field, baseball and softball. Wyatt said the department is responsible...

Maintenance department sets up for sectional track meet

Beats May 16, 2013

According to maintenance department member Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department is helping CHS maintain the track. The maintenance department makes sure that everything is running well for the March...

Choir students rehearse for upcoming winter concert “Holiday Spectacular”. Shows will take place from Dec. 5 to 8. JOSEPH LEE / PHOTO

Maintenance department sets up CHS holiday spectacular

Beats December 4, 2012

As CHS students get ready for the winter choral concert, “Holiday Spectacular”, the maintenance department is in the back-lines making sure things run smoothly throughout the show. According...

Maintenance department prepares CHS for snow

Beats November 18, 2012

The maintenance department plans to get ready for some days of snow. According to staff member Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department will work alongside the custodial department to salt and shovel CHS...

Custodian Susie Denson cleans the tables in a science classroom located in the E hallway. According to assistant principal Doug Bird, along with routine activities, the maintenance and custodial departments are preparing the school for the winter months. CLAUDIA HUANG / PHOTO

Maintenance, custodial departments prepare school for upcoming winter months

Beats October 23, 2012

According to Assistant Principal Doug Bird, the maintenance and custodial departments are priming the building and grounds for the colder winter months. Bird said that in early October, the maintenance...

Faculty member Mike Wyatt reviews the SchoolDude work request program. He said this is how the maintenance department runs the school. JOSEPH LEE / PHOTO

Maintenance department uses SchoolDude for communication

Beats October 14, 2012

According to maintenance department faculty member, Mike Wyatt, the maintenance department is out to help those who are in need of fixed items. “There is a SchoolDude work request program. Teachers,...

Faculty member Mike Wyatt reviews an invoice for CHS pluming. He said the department is making preparations for the Homecoming game. JOSEPH LEE / PHOTO

Maintenance department strives to improve student facilities

Beats September 18, 2012

Every day the maintenance department faculty works extra hard so that CHS students can have the luxury of a well-lit, air-conditioned and safe environment. According to maintenance department faculty member...

Maintenance department to change temperature setting

Beats April 9, 2012

The maintenance department is preparing to change the school to a summertime temperature setting during the week of spring break. “We’ll be changing to the new cooling setting of 75 degrees,”...

Maintenance department to prepare air conditioning system for March 1

Beats February 25, 2012

The maintenance department will prepare the air conditioning system starting mid-January and finish during February. The department expects the air conditioners to function by March 1.

Maintenance department prepares for upcoming winter sports

Beats October 25, 2011

The maintenance department is getting ready for the upcoming basketball and swimming seasons, which start  mid-November. “We make sure all the scoring, sound systems and lighting is all working,”...

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