Going the Extra Mile: Carmel runners prepare in various ways for Indy Mini Marathon this May

Pushing forward:
Yael Kiser and Mia Bruder, track athletes and sophomores, jog to warm up for their training. By running together, the two athletes motivated each other to keep running.

Sarah Kim

February 22, 2019

Even for student athletes who participate in cross-country and track, running a distance as long as 13.1 miles can seem quite daunting. This is the case for Mia Bruder, cross-country runner and sophomore. Bruder started running for CHS in her freshman year and developed a love for the sport. With e...

Following appointment of new committee leader Jeff Raatz, officials consider effect of government on schools, anticipate future changes

Lillian He

December 13, 2018

On Nov. 9, Sen. Dennis Kruse stepped down from his role as the leader of the education committee in the Indiana Senate, a position he held for 10 years. His successor Sen. Jeff Raatz plans to continue the majority of the policies that Kruse pushed for but also has goals of his own. Raatz said via e...