Wrestling team begins season amid pandemic, practices new safety procedures

Members of the wrestling team put on their gear before practice. Harel Halevi, varsity wrestler and senior, said he believes contracting the virus while wrestling is less likely than it seems because athletes meet only a few people at each meet on top of the many new safety procedures.
November 19, 2020

For all sports, everything including practices, games and matches has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Carmel wrestling team has also been adapting to new rules and regulations. In order to prevent...

CHS students, teachers become more invested with the NFL through fantasy football

Senior Neal Joshi plays fantasy football on his phone while sitting in the varsity gym. Fantasy football has greatly increased popularity over the past few years and has caused more interest in the NFL.
October 19, 2020

The beginning of the National Football League (NFL) season also signifies the beginning of the fantasy football season for many sports fans nationwide. For many students and teachers, fantasy football...

Athletes with prior injuries reflect on physical therapy, explain benefits both physically, mentally

MENTALLY SHARP: Junior Baenan McKeown gets ready to kick a soccer ball during a home soccer game against Guerin Catholic High School. Mckeown said that it is important to be motivated during physical therapy, and said he was mentally sharp with his injury.
October 13, 2020

For athletes like Justin Pickett, varsity football player and senior, injuries are pretty common in sports. Throughout his athletic career, which included both football and basketball, he broke his ankle,...

As Thanksgiving approaches, students plan Friendsgiving celebration, ponder new trend

As Thanksgiving approaches, students plan Friendsgiving celebration, ponder new trend
November 28, 2019

For many people around the country, Thanksgiving is when they gather with their families to share a meal and say thanks for all that they have, in accordance with the feast of the pilgrims and their Native...

Step Up to Sexual Assault: Administration, students focus on importance of new sexual assault prevention presentation

The men’s tennis and football teams watch the “Step Up to Sexual Assault” presentation. The presentation was shown to the athletics and performing arts departments and student government this year.
September 20, 2019

Logan Sandlin, varsity track and junior varsity cross-country runner and senior, sits among his teammates in the auditorium before practice as he listens to the “Step Up to Stop Sexual Assault” presentation....

National Chinese Honors Society begins planning activities

National Chinese Honors Society sponsor Tungfen Lee looks at the NCHS flyer for this year’s events. According to Lee, NCHS is trying to appeal to middle schoolers and are trying to have a more prominent role in CHS by “appearing (and being) heard more” in CHS culture.
September 17, 2019

National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) will begin the year with its activity at the library on Sept. 19. The goal of the society is to enrich and immerse students with information about Chinese culture....

Science department focuses on processing

February 6, 2019

The science department is currently discussing science and engineering processing standards, a way to replicate procedures that real-life scientists can actually take. This was the main focus of it's last...

Science department focuses on AVID development

January 23, 2019

AVID development was a major topic in science department meetings during past PLC’s. Many AVID teachers spoke at the last department chair meeting, expressing the change that was happening. According...

Math Club members review past tests to prepare for competition

Freshman Akash Bhowmik and Nathan Huang work on practice problems in preparation for the AMC competition. The competition will be on Feb. 7 and Feb. 13 during the school day.
January 14, 2019

The Math Club members will began preparing for their next competition, the American Math Competition (AMC), during their next meeting on Jan. 15. Co-president and senior Kevin Liu said,  “We’re really...

Science department practices safety skills

November 27, 2018

The science department has been emphasizing on safety in science classrooms for the past couple of PLC’s, or department chair meetings. According to Officer Moore, safety is very important in all classrooms...

Science department emphasizes new methods

November 10, 2018

The science department is focusing on methods of learning that have emerged in the early 21st century, such as 3-Dimensional Learning and phenomenon based learning. Both these approaches focus less on...

Science department reflects on classes

October 17, 2018

The science department is planning ideas to help students develop a early love of science, as well as developing new ways to learn. A lot of their past PLC meetings have been focused on adapting methods...

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