As “cuffing season” arrives, students debate how high school relationships affect social development


Kiersten Riedford

November 15, 2019

Sophomore Elizabeth Katz has never dated in her life and she said during this cuffing season she would prefer to keep it that way. The term “cuffing season,” which originated in Urban Dictionary in 2011, refers to the desire to be in a relationship or “cuffed,” during the winter months. Katz...

Junior Pari Mollabashy

Junior Pari Mollabashy

Angela Li

November 16, 2018

“I always get asked what my race is. No one knows that I’m half-Korean and half-Persian until I tell them, and it can be frustrating sometimes... Although I sometimes still feel like the odd one out, I finally feel like I fit in with my friends, and I think it’s very important for people to ...