Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns reviews the lyrics to a song in her office on Jan. 17. The song was sung by Accents as part of their competition set.

Choirs begin Audition Process, Prepare for Competition Season

Josie Cruzan January 26, 2020

Following Holiday Spectacular, which took place in December, the Choirs are now focusing on the competition season and auditioning for next year. Four choirs will be competing this year: Rhapsody, New...

Q&A with CHS New Choir Director Anna Debard

Q&A with CHS’ New Choir Director Anna Debard

September 20, 2019

What roles do you have? I’m the lead director of New Edition and Rhapsody, I am one of the directors for Expressions, I am the lead teacher for applied music classes and I will direct the musical. What...

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns sends an email to Jeff Worrell, a member of the Chamber of Commerce on March 7 in her office. The email was in regards to possible promotion of Select Sound’s Ear Candy concert, which will take place two days after they return from Washington D.C.

Choirs finish auditions, begin preparations for spring concert

Josie Cruzan March 22, 2019

The choirs finished auditions in the first week of March, and now the three choir directors, Katherine Kouns, Kyle Barker and Sam Chenoweth, are working to place the students who auditioned into the choirs...

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns responds to emails in her office on Feb. 15. “As far as the dance audition goes, it’s just really difficult to tell until we get there. Every year there are people that really come out of the woodwork and surprise us and are just amazing.” Kouns said.

Choirs finish auditions, begin competition season, prepare for the choral showcase

Josie Cruzan February 27, 2019

Choir auditions, which began on Jan. 10, ended with the first round of dance auditions on Feb. 19 for students who wish to join one of the schools show-choirs. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said,...

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns prepares a program on her computer in her office on Jan. 22. The program was for a concert being held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

Choirs prepare for Auditions, Choral Showcase

Josie Cruzan January 31, 2019

Students from all of the choirs except Counterpoints and Expressions recently went on the Applied Music trip to New York City, getting back on Jan. 21. In addition, the choirs are currently in audition...

Lindsay Vrobel, Rhapsody member and sophomore, reviews the choir audition schedule during SRT on Jan. 10. Vrobel auditioned for New Edition.

Choirs begin preparing for competitions, auditions

Josie Cruzan January 13, 2019

The competition season for New Edition, Accents and Ambassadors will begin Feb. 15. The first competition will be at Center Grove High School. The choirs are currently preparing for those competitions. In...

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns responds to emails before school in her office on Sept. 12. Kouns said ¨Things are chugging along like usual, and the groups are pretty much where they should be in terms of progress.”

Choir Members Prepare for Fall Concert

Josie Cruzan September 21, 2018

The fall choir concert is on Oct. 9, and students and teachers are currently preparing. The concert will be primarily comprised of the choirs standing and singing rather than full show choir performances. Director...

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