Maintenance of Murray: Users, maintenance workers of Murray Stadium discuss importance of maintaining field

The fields in Murray Stadium are used year-round my multiple different sports. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said  most people do not expect the time needed to maintain the field.

Satvik Kandru

May 23, 2019

As fans of both the  lacrosse and soccer teams line up in the bleachers, the glowing lights of the Murray Stadium reflect on the painted white lines that run across the field. For an average student, this might not mean much, but for maintenance worker Fred Napier these white lines are a part of a ted...

Radio students explain process behind sports broadcasting

Radio students explain process behind sports broadcasting

Caleb Shaffer

September 21, 2018

At a young age, Ethan D’Eramo, WHJE color analyst and senior, said he found his passion for sports broadcasting through this school’s radio program.  D’Eramo said, “In the summer of my eighth grade year, I went to the WHJE radio camp and they taught us how to use the editing software, and I already liked sports, so I...