CHEER ON: Cheerleaders perform while holding signs. According to Brooke Kibler, head coach of fall cheerleading, safety precautions contribute to successful  seasons and more moral support.

Athletes, coaches practice ways to limit the risk of injury from dangerous cheerleading stunts

Tsion Daniel January 14, 2021

For Sharon Zhou, varsity gold cheerleader and sophomore, falling from the extended arms of a couple of teammates is nothing new. “For me, flying wasn’t physically-hard (but) it was more mentally...

Riley Shockey, varsity cheerleader and senior, pumps up her team for an upcoming routine. Shockey said when she performs in front of an audience there is more excitement and adrenaline.However, with new COVID-19 safety guidelines, her virtual performances have no audiences, which she said makes it harder to perform.

Cheerleaders, coach reflect on pros, cons of competing virtually

Darshini Shankar October 16, 2020

Due to changes with COVID-19, many sports now follow safety precautions to limit the exposure at competitions and games and the cheerleading team at this school is no exception. In order to continue...

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