A woman holds her phone, taking a photo of a protest on June 1. The protest was led by sophomore Klay Gabriel, she said it was the first event she ever organized.

Nurses, economists, student workers, activists, family members review 2020, pandemic effects

Cady Armstrong and Christian Ledbetter December 17, 2020

    Editor’s Note: This issue’s Cover Story is a compilation of follow-ups on previous stories related to the COVID-19 pandemic that were published by the HiLite staff in 2020. Scan the...

UNICEF planning one more meeting, end of year party

Beats May 6, 2013

In the next UNICEF meeting, club members will discuss the bake sale of the week of April 15 and have an end of year party. The next meeting is being scheduled and planned by future officers, as is the...

UNICEF to have bake sale next week

Beats April 12, 2013

At the next UNICEF meeting on April 9, 2013, club members and officers will plan the bake sale that is proposed for the week of April 15. The bake sale has been confirmed for the week of April 15,...

UNICEF postpones bake sale until after spring break

Beats March 14, 2013

UNICEF plans to have a meeting on February 27, 2013. The bake sale has been moved even further, until April. The bake sale has been postponed to after spring break due to the large amount of bake sales...

UNICEF plans to pass out spirit wear, bake sale

Beats January 31, 2013

UNICEF plans to hold a meeting on February 6, 2013 February’s bake sale, pass out spirit wear and begin preparing future officers to lead the club next year. The bake sale will be in February. UNICEF...

UNICEF plans officer elections, bake sale, spirit wear

Beats January 13, 2013

UNICEF plans to hold a meeting on Jan. 16. At the meeting plans to have elections for the 2013-2014 officers and plan the upcoming bake sale. Officer positions for the 2013-2014 school year are president,...

UNICEF to hold officer elections

Beats November 21, 2012

At its next meeting, the UNICEF is planning to have a sign-up sheet for officer positions for the 2013-2014 school year and is planning second semester’s bake sale. Club members can sign up for the...

Co-President Silvia Lee addresses UNICEF Club at a meeting. New club officers are beginning to train and prepare for next year. ERIC HE / PHOTO

UNICEF Club to hold bake sale, train new club officers

Beats March 13, 2012

According to sponsor Maureen Borto, UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Club is scheduled to hold a bake sale later in March. Bake sale days have yet to be determined, but...

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