New fire drill policy, Carmel revoted safest place to live in U.S., raises questions over how prepared students are for emergencies

Student Resource Officer Shane VanNatter directs buses and traffic in the morning. VanNatter said a crash could easily occur while the buses are exiting the school.

Leslie Huang

September 20, 2019

Known by some as the “Beverly Hills of the Midwest,” Carmel has been named time and time again as one of the safest places to live in America, most recently in August 2019. According to AreaVibes, Carmel’s crime rate is 72% lower than the national average. Despite numerous credentials proving ...

Kids’ Corner seniors manage successful tornado warning, continue with class

Kelli Stieglitz, head Kids’ Corner teacher for the week and senior, teaches kids the difference between healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods. She had the kids point to a food they knew and tell her if it was healthy or not because the theme of the week was ‘Young Chef.’ OLIVIA WEPRICH/PHOTO


March 12, 2012

Seniors of Kids’ Corner face many challenges each day while teaching the preschoolers, but the lockdown on March 2 due to the tornado warning gave seniors a new obstacle to work around. According to Kids’ Corner teacher Kimberly Lenzo, the seniors managed the situation well even though they’ve...

State fair accident pushes CHS to evaluate its emergency plans

Students exit the building during a fire drill on Aug. 30. Indiana requires schools to have at least one tornado drill and one man-made occurrence drill per semester in addition to five fire drills during the school year. HENRY ZHU / PHOTO


September 14, 2011

The state fair incident was a disaster that shook the very foundations of whole country, but even more it affected Hoosiers who have been going to the fair for years. It served as a wake-up call for some organizations to promote safety in all kinds of incidents. Carmel is one of these organizations....