The Wilder, The Better

The Wilder, The Better


September 16, 2015

For the first time in CHS history, Wild Bunch and Big Game Club are accepting students from all grade levels. Since they were previously only accepting senior, this is a change that affects all grades. Most sophomores and juniors are very excited, but some seniors are disappointed with the change. Big...

Wild Bunch to wrap up year by attending final games of spring sports

Anna Katsis, Wild Bunch president and senior, looks over the plans for next year’s Wild Bunch club. Katsis said she has no regrets for taking on the leadership role this year and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.


May 17, 2015

Members of Wild Bunch will attend the final games and meets of the season this month as the school year comes to a close. Anna Katsis, Wild Bunch president and senior, said attendance to the preliminary and state-level games is usually higher because people want to see their friends in the last big games...

Wild Bunch ready for spring sports to begin

Maddie Melangton, Claire Black and Anna Katsis, Wild Bunch members and seniors, discuss plans for the spring sports season. All group leaders for the upcoming season were confirmed recently.


March 26, 2015

Members of Wild Bunch will begin their last season of supporting CHS sports this year, this week as spring sports begin. It won’t be the last season for some, however. Juniors are being allowed to take leadership positions this spring, according to Anna Katsis, Wild Bunch president and senior. “I...

Wild Bunch kicks off year with fall sports, new activities


October 1, 2014

Wild Bunch members are actively attending athletic events for seven varsity sports. As the fall season has come into full swing, football games, volleyball matches, girls and boys soccer games, golf tourneys and boys and girls cross-country meets have all been attended by these spirited seniors. “The...

Wild Bunch to attend men’s varsity team basketball game on March 5


March 4, 2014

Wild Bunch plans to support CHS’s first men’s basketball Sectional for the year on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Members of Wild Bunch go to the games to support their fellow Greyhounds. “Honestly not much changes with Wild Bunch. We all just try to attend as many events as we can,” Hanna Throgmorton,...

Wild Bunch to attend men’s varsity basketball game


February 13, 2014

Wild Bunch plans to attend the men’s varsity basketball game on Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m at Hamilton Southeastern. According to Wild Bunch president Hanna Throgmorton, members plan to attend and cheer on their fellow Greyhounds at the game. They will not be tailgating due to cold weather. “Wild...

Wild Bunch to attend women’s and men’s basketball games Thursday, Friday and Saturday


January 23, 2014

Wild Bunch plans to attend the women’s varsity basketball game on Jan. 23 at 7:30 p.m. They also plan to attend men’s varsity team basketball games on Jan. 24 and Jan. 25 at 7:30 p.m. According to Wild Bunch president, Hanna Throgmorton, at the game members plan to attend and cheer on their fellow...

Wild Bunch to meet for tailgate on Dec. 6


December 5, 2013

Wild Bunch is scheduled to have a tailgate on Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Eric Clark Activity Center to support both the varsity men's basketball and varsity women's basketball teams. Hanna Throgmorton, president of Wild Bunch, said, “We are going to have a big tailgate with food and beverages with...

Wild Bunch to look for new captains


February 24, 2013

Wild Bunch is looking for new sports captains, according to Victoria “Tori” Singleton, Wild Bunch president and senior. Singleton chooses each captain from Wild Bunch club members who volunteer. Singleton assigns the captains to go to the games and cheer on the players because she is not able to...

Wild Bunch basketball tailgate date to be decided


January 16, 2013

According to Victoria “Tori” Singleton, Wild Bunch president and senior, the date for the Wild Bunch basketball tailgate is still currently in the decision making process. Singleton and the club’s sponsor, Wendy Gerardot, said they hope more students will get excited about this school's sporting...

Wild Bunch to plan basketball tailgate


November 27, 2012

With the start of basketball season for both the men and women’s teams, Wild Bunch plans to have a tailgate before one of the games, according to president and senior Tori Singleton. Singleton is planning to have the tailgate before a big rival game or on a Friday night to increase the possibility...

Wild Bunch Adds Hats to its Spirit Wear


October 15, 2012

Wild Bunch has recently acquired its spirit wear for the club. There are sweaters, shirts and this year hats have also been added to the list. “I came up with the hats because they’re easier to wear and go better with the theme,” said Wild Bunch president Tori Singleton. The hats are hot pink...