Students, travel professionals, consider benefits of traveling during holiday season

Junior Michelle Boulos smiles next to a mountain range. Boulos said she loves traveling because she gets to experience it with family.
Submitted Photo by Michelle Boulos

Marissa Ryan

December 12, 2019

For many, the joy of the holiday season is the hope of the stereotypical “winter wonderland” on Christmas morning, but for junior Michelle Boulos, she would rather see that snow in much warmer liquid form. Boulos, who has traveled her entire life during Christmas and plans to go to Aruba this ye...

Construction at Door 4 to take place during winter break

Principal Tom Harmas discusses winter construction with speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo during a Superintendent's/Principal's Advisory Council meeting. Harmas said QR codes will be put up in ever SRT classroom next year so students can pull up directions to relocated offices.

Da-Hyun Hong

November 29, 2019

According to Principal Tom Harmas, student resource officers, athletics and student services will relocate in the next couple of weeks in preparation for major construction during winter break. He said, “(The construction will) affect a couple things. In and out for attendance will be down at Door ...

Application for next year’s K-8 Mentors due late January

Mentor and senior Cameron Clark talks to a friend during SRT. According to Robin Pletcher, K-8 Mentoring and AP Psychology teacher, most of the mentees are excited to reunite with their mentors after the long winter break.

Da-Hyun Hong

January 16, 2019

Robin Pletcher, K-8 Mentoring and AP Psychology teacher, said she is currently in the process of interviewing candidates for next year’s K-8 mentoring program. She said the application includes the completion of a rating sheet by three teachers and is usually due at the end of January. “I like to lo...

Intramurals to halt season

Uma Kandallu

January 14, 2019

Intramurals is currently putting the basketball season on hold as a result of the recent boiler explosion that occurred over winter break. However, if the repairs on the fieldhouse are completed quickly enough or if an arrangement can be worked out between several other varsity, freshman, and sophomor...

Homework for the Holidays: As winter break starts Dec. 23, students of minority religions reflect on holidays, the school calendar

Homework for the Holidays: As winter break starts Dec. 23, students of minority religions reflect on holidays, the school calendar

Angela Li and Karen Zhang

December 14, 2017

Last year, Hannah Kosc, Jewish student and junior, said she was unable to take a day off of school for an important Jewish holiday: Yom Kippur. Instead of reflecting and taking time to spend with her community, as is the tradition on the holiest day of the year on the Jewish calendar, Kosc came to school...

Loving Literature: CHS students, staff consider how reading can impact their school life, future

English teacher Katie Overbeck reads The Little Prince before class begins; according to Overbeck, her International Baccalaureate (IB) classes are currently reading the book in class.

Angela Qian

December 14, 2017

It all began around fifth grade for sophomore Madalyn Sailors when reading history textbooks changed the way she read for the worse. According to Sailors, reading used to be really fun, but now it’s boring and monotonous. Sailors said, “I don’t like (reading) because a lot of times it’s ...

Speak Ups Around School


December 12, 2014

What are your winter break plans?   Freshman Jenny Hong: “Every year, my youth group goes on a winter retreat. We usually go to Perfect North to go skiing and it’s really fun to hang out with friends and enjoy the winter weather together.”   Senior Kelly Herman: “My f...

Winter Break

Because as cold as it is, snow is still beautiful.

Author Archives

December 29, 2012

It's finally time for a new post. I would write about everything I've done since school got out, but since I'm so interesting and have so many wonderful things to talk about, that would take a while. Spoiler, most of it involves sleeping and chocolate. So instead, I will write about my sister and I  ...

Lifelines organizes pre-break awareness week


November 19, 2010

By Natalie Maier <[email protected]> Beginning on Dec. 6, and lasting throughout the week, CHS will participate in Winter Break Awareness Week. The goal of this week, which is coordinated annually at this school, is to encourage students to make positive decisions over winter break. As that w...