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Humans of CHS

Shubhi Sinha, 11
Ben Underwood, 12
Vivian Zheng, 10
John Love, Media Specialist
Audrey Burdick, 12
Reagan Hune, 11
Ethan Wakeman, 11
Joshua Jun, 12
Peter Messiha, 10
Andrew Couchon, 12
Business Teacher Richard Reid
Isabella Fallahi, 9
Senior Cameron Harless
Chelsea Tinsley, 10
Humans of CHS: Sophomore Sophie Guo
Joey McGill
Humans of CHS: Junior Megan Daggett
Humans of CHS: Junior Maddie Nagel
Senior Andrea Paternina Pinedo
Aidan Mellor, 10
Junior Pari Mollabashy
Caroline Joliet, 11
Junior Markus Ilo
Payton Russel, 12
Senior Nathan Aditya
Sophomore Brian Waddell
Nicole Didonna, 12
Junior Natalie Walters
Tara Lacy, 12
Senior Katie DiGiovanni
Kate Adaniya, 12
Junior Ellie Austin
Maddie Snyder, 10
Michelle Foutz
Junior Lydia Yong
Junior Maya Kislyuk
Jenny Chen, 9
Cafeteria Worker Catherine Marshall

Thea Nikolaou, 11

“I moved here five years ago from Greece so it was really hard for me to adjust to the life here. I thought that learning a different language would set me back from reaching my number one goal: to become successful in life.”

Senior Lant Jenkins
Sam Perin, 12
Freshman Abhi Ankaraju
Freshman Kendall Frobig
Senior Cate Harden
Junior Yasmine Pehlivan
Junior Maria “Mars” Stefanidou
Elise Conour, 11
Gay-Straight Alliance Sponsor Jeremy Horner
Sophomore Isabella “Izzy” Topp
Sophomore Raymond “Ray” Mo

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