March 22, 2019

Kelly Truax | March 22, 2019

Joshua Miller, new women's lacrosse head coach, is the latest in a long trend of assistant coaches to take the head coach position when there is an opening. This trend also occurred in the past few years in tennis, volleyball, basketball and football. Despite the prevalence of this trend, Athletics Director Jim Inskeep said the school looks beyond CHS as well. Inskeep said the department looks...

Earning Honor; Athletics department defines meaning of varsity letter, ways of obtaining one

Jess Canaley | March 22, 2019

Earning a varsity letter at  any school represents hard work and athletic talent. At CHS, student athletes involved in both Indiana High School Athletics Association (IHSAA) sports as well as Unified Sports have the opportunity to earn a letter. Senior Sloan Goldblatt has played football for 13 years as of the 2018 season and has been involved with Special Olympics for five years. Goldblatt said depending...

A Cut Above the Rest: Track teams, others add harder tryout standards to previously no-cut sports

Sarah Kim | March 22, 2019

Last year, the women’s  track team was a sight to see. At each meet, four school buses would pull up in the parking lot. More than a hundred girls, all wearing the same blue and gold outfits, would get off. However, this might not be the case for this year’s track team. This year, the team’s time standards have gotten stricter, meaning less runners may make the team. This change is not just...

CHS women’s swimming team getting ready for State Finals

Satvik Kandru | March 15, 2019

The women’s swimming team has performed at a high level this entire season. After coming off of a strong win at Sectionals, they are looking to win the State Finals for the 33rd consecutive time. “This is definitely one of the strongest teams we have had during my four years, everything just clicks and everybody is performing at a high level” Lauren Busha, varsity swimmer and senior, said. Head...

Going the Extra Mile: Carmel runners prepare in various ways for Indy Mini Marathon this May

Sarah Kim | February 22, 2019

Even for student athletes who participate in cross-country and track, running a distance as long as 13.1 miles can seem quite daunting. This is the case for Mia Bruder, cross-country runner and sophomore. Bruder started running for CHS in her freshman year and developed a love for the sport. With encouragement from her friends, Bruder decided to sign up for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon,...