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Students, coach consider benefits of participating in recreational sports

Aniket Biswal and Andrew Caito | April 14, 2021

Junior Joey Duncan can not wait to start playing recreational soccer after spring break is over. He said it's been almost two years since he has last played soccer just for fun. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic forced all recreational sporting leagues to cancel their seasons for the year. Now with the pandemic slowly regressing, Duncan said he is now hopeful for an exciting season, even with restrictions...

Assistant athletic director, students acknowledge sports as force for good

Alivia Romaniuk | April 12, 2021

Assistant athletic director Jeff Hester has one memory that stands out when thinking about sports as a force of good in the world. “In 2015, when I was the athletic director at Columbus North, our best player was Josh Speidel,” he said. “He was a Division 1 basketball recruit and an Indiana All-Star.  He was involved in a head on collision car accident that almost took his life. As a result...

Student athletes, counselor share experiences, perspectives on balancing school, life

Hannah Baer | April 10, 2021

Bing Hudson, Varsity Men’s track runner and senior is a busy student athlete. He says that the best way that he manages his stress is to find a balance.  “I just try to balance things as much as possible,” he said. “So, when I’m at track, I’m at track and I’m doing everything for track. But then outside of track, I know that I have to get school done before that because if you don’t...

Q&A with students on March Madness

Andrew Caito | March 18, 2021

Do you plan on attending a game since the NCAA Tournament is all in Indiana this year? Do you want to go watch a game? Why? Have you before?  Who do you think will win and why?  And how are your plans changing due to COVID-19?   Sophomore Everett Carlisle   If the opportunity presented itself I would go to a game. I would love to go watch a game because...

Female athletes, coaches share experiences with body image, expectations of what athletes should look like

Kaitlyn Loper | March 16, 2021

Lily Rose, varsity women’s track and field team member and junior, has only had one experience in which someone approached her about her weight. Rose said, “I’m a very skinny person and as a runner, that’s just natural. My body has grown into being a runner’s body. I had a coach one time, a female coach, come up to me and say, ‘Hey Lily, I’ve noticed that you’ve gotten a lot smaller...

Athletes, coaches consider challenges in spring sports after long hiatus due to COVID-19

Jillian Moore | March 14, 2021

School administrators canceled most spring sports last year due to COVID-19. Coaches and athletes have had to adjust to limited practice times and limited access to sports facilities while athletics phase back in. As this year’s spring sports season begins, most athletes said they have practiced independently to ensure they perform well. Sophie Morgan, softball player and sophomore, said despite...

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