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A Different Type of Game Changer: CHS lacrosse coaches, players discuss  differences of playing on various surfaces

May 18, 2018

An often overlooked aspect of sports is the type of field or court upon which they are played. However, when field conditions are bad, people do notice. In 2016, the NFL Hall of Fame preseason game at Tom Benson Stadium between the Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers, was canceled due to the field conditions being poor. The field was described as “like cement” by some players and was deemed...

Playing Off the Field: Students reflect on importance, benefits, trade-offs of off-season training

Sameen Siddiqui | May 18, 2018

For many sports, off-season training has been a vital part for student athletes to help prepare for their regular seasons. According to Joey Schmidt, varsity football outside linebacker and junior, off-season training is important because it helps athletes build their strength and speed for the following season. He said the football team has recently started its Red Dawn practices to help build athletes...

Photo Essay: Softball State

Livvie Hurley | May 12, 2018

CHS men’s lacrosse team faced defending State Champions

Jess Canaley | May 12, 2018

After a well-earned victory against Ohio team Springboro, the CHS men’s lacrosse team is moving forward and preparing for the next big matchup against Cathedral High School. According to head coach Jack Meachum, the team’s well-executed game gives it the confidence to defeat the defending State Champions on Friday, May 18. “It’s the first time that we've faced a tough out of state opponent....

CHS varsity baseball team getting ready for away game at North Central

Satvik Kandru | May 6, 2018

The varsity baseball team is getting ready for its game on May 8 at North Central. The team is confident after a good stretch of baseball. “We have won our last 4 games, so we are playing really well, just need to keep it going versus tough opponents coming up,” Robert (Robbie) Levine, varsity player and senior, said. Levine said the upcoming games are crucial to their placement in the postseason. “Obviously...

CHS students, teachers discuss the influence of skating culture on daily lives

Sameen Siddiqui | April 20, 2018

Although Carmel only has one skatepark at the Monon Center, it is home to many skateboarders. Skateboarder and junior Mitchell Johnson said he got into skateboarding because he used to watch the X Games with his dad and said he would get inspired with what he saw on TV and wanted to do the same tricks. He said he usually skates at his house, the Monon Center or Dillon Park in Noblesville.  “I really...