In light of upcoming Kentucky Derby, ethicality of sports betting examined

Addison Joyce | April 25, 2022

The Kentucky Derby, an annual horse race that occurs on the first Saturday of May in Louisville, Ky. is upcoming, and while some fans at this school enjoy the racing, others said they watch to bet on winners. Sage Moore, horseback rider and senior, said the Kentucky Derby, which first took place in 1875, is like a culture for some people. “Not only do these events create jobs and support charities,...

Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Littell, varsity tennis player, senior returning to team after year off

Maggie Meyer | April 25, 2022

What are your goals for your final season in high school? My main goal is to win at the State Championship as a team, but I really think that I have a great chance at winning individual State in singles this year. That is a big goal of mine because my freshman year I won the state doubles and no one has ever won state doubles and singles, so I am hoping to be the first to do that. How do you help...

Athletes, assistant athletics director address stereotypes in sports, effect of Scholar Athlete program

Riley Laferriere | April 22, 2022

During the football season, senior Solomon Williams was on the field throwing passes to friends or making plays under the Friday night lights. However, Williams, who plans to attend Princeton University in the fall, said he also needed to find a balance between his athletic and academic goals. This balance is showcased with the Scholar Athlete Award Program which is celebrated every spring at this...

Varsity men’s lacrosse team to play home games against Desmet Jesuit on April 22, Chesterton on April 23

Austin Guo | April 21, 2022

The varsity men’s lacrosse team will play Desmet Jesuit, a team from St. Louis, at 7:30 p.m. on April 22 and Chesterton at 2 p.m. on April 23. Both games will be at home at Murray Stadium. Defender and senior Bryce Cannon said the team’s preparation for these games will remain the same for each opponent. “We prepare the same for every team, no matter who we’re playing or how good we think...

Students discuss role of gender identity in sports, co-ed teams

Addison Joyce and Maggie Meyer | March 31, 2022

Note: Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed the bill on March 21, citing concerns about the scope and writing of the bill and stating he found "no evidence" to suggest that there was an issue with transgender athletes in sports that needed further government intervention. Last month, Indiana’s legislation passed House Bill 1041 and sent it to Governor Eric Holcomb’s desk for him to sign into law. The...

Baseball complex to feature new upgrades by May 1

March 30, 2022

Hartman Field and the secondary baseball field will feature new renovations including added parking spaces, new dugouts and bleachers. According to Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, the baseball team will move to practice on the field starting March 28 although workers will fully finish construction around May 1. “It’s going to look pretty much like a new facility when things are complete,”...

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